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Learn SEO, AdWords & Social Media Marketing - Online!

Welcome to the JM INTERNET GROUP! We offer live and video SEO training online, Social Media training, and AdWords training. Want to learn SEO? Understand why a company gets to the top of Google or Bing, and how you can do the same? Interested in Twitter or Facebook marketing? Do you comprehend the difference between Google's Search and Display networks? Our top-rated Internet marketing courses can teach you tips, secrets and tactics to succeed in Internet marketing, whether through search engine optimization, AdWords or social media marketing!

Click on the videos in the box above for a quick introduction, or just start with fun, free SEO training. Got questions? Email us, or call 510-713-2150!

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SEO Training - Get to the top of Google and Bing, for free!

Learn to optimize your company to the top of the search engines via Search Engine Optimization! Our SEO training begins with our free online SEO class on the "Top Ten Free SEO tools" and continue step by step from keywords to page tags to link-building and beyond. Students come to us looking for top-rated New York SEO training, Chicago SEO classes or even Houston SEO Training or SEO training Los Angeles... but realize that our online SEO training is an amazing substitute. Our workshops are a perfect fit - because you take them online, live, from the convenience of your own computer. Read JM Internet Group reviews to learn why we provide the best SEO courses.

SEO Training


Social Media Training - Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other Social Media Training & more!

Are you searching for a class on Twitter marketing or Facebook marketing? We have students take our online social media training classes from cities as diverse as New York, NY to Chicago, IL to Houston, TX. But wherever you are, the reality is that your customers are using social media sites to find business products and services; by taking our online social media marketing class, you'll learn how to reach those customers where they are hanging out. Don't miss our Social Media - Top Ten Free Tools - free 'on demand' webinar. Our reviews prove it: we provide the best social media training available online.

Social Media Training


AdWords Training - Learn pay-per-click (PPC) advertising tips and techniques!

Google AdWords is a fantastic online advertising opportunity, but AdWords is complex and confusing. Google has many free, official AdWords trainings, but those classes are salesy. Our online AdWords course offers objective, top-rated third-party advice in one of the best AdWords classes that you won't find in an official Google AdWords training whether it's a NYC AdWords class or a class on AdWords in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston or any other city in the world. Don't miss our free AdWords Tutorial - a free 'on demand' AdWords class!

AdWords Training


Our Blogs - Keep Up with Internet Marketing

As you can imagine, as we strive to be best seo training,we keep a close eye on the Internet marketing industry. So we blog on books, tutorials, upcoming and past conferences - anything and everything that has "learn SEO" written on it. Our blog is written by , our fearless leader and SEO / Social Media expert. Check out our SEO Tips Blog as well as our Jason+ Blog, which shares Jason's timely and quick observations on SEO, Social Media, AdWords and life. Finally, we have our newly revised Search Social Marketing blog on trends and big picture topics. Read our recent blog posts -


JM Internet Group Press Releases - News and Exciting Items from the Group

News releases and announcements about our staff, our classes, and our upcoming free webinars on search engine optimization, social media marketing and Google AdWords classes and trainings. Read our recent press releases -


SEO & Social Media Consulting - Hire a Top-Rated SEO Company

Besides classes and trainings, we provide SEO Consulting Services. From our location as a San Jose SEO Company, we can act as your external SEO company offering you consulting tips, tricks, and structured advise as to how to get to the top of Google and/or how to play the game of social media marketing or AdWords. Jason McDonald, a San Francisco SEO Consultant is also available for in-person corporate workshops (from New York SEO Training to Los Angeles Social Media class workshops, SEO training one-on-one in Chicago to Houston AdWords classes and everywhere in between), and as one of the SEO industry's top SEO experts, Jason McDonald's lively corporate trainings and workshops have been very well received.

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