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 Buzz: Free Reputation Management Tool

What is your online reputation? Your company's? Your (potential) business partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend? Use this free online reputation management tool to check out the buzz
> View sample buzzes: Lady Gaga | Wells Fargo | Taco Bell

Enter a NAME to find the buzz:

Search setup Name to search:
Mod Plus Positives:
Mod Plus
Mod Neg Negatives:
Mod Negitive
User Input Focus word(s):


    Buzz works better if you focus your search by adding modifiers -

  • Name to Search: Enter a person or company's name.
  • Positives: Enter some positive attributes, such as 'Great' or 'Excellent'
  • Negatives: Enter some negative attributes, such as 'Terrible' or 'Sucks'
  • Focus Words: Help Buzz out by adding some words such as the city a person lives in, or the industry a company works in (e.g., 'Len Rogers Sacramento' or 'Geico Insurance')

About Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management, or Search Engine Reputation Management, or Online Reputation Management is the effort by companies and organizations to a) be aware or monitor their online reputation, c) manage that online reputation by participating in blogs, social media, online fora, search engine optimization, etc., and even d) expunge negative information about their organization from the online world. The online reputation management industry has enjoyed robust growth of late, but heretofore most online reputation management tools have been so expensive as to be beyond the reach of small businesses.

Reputation Buzz is a free online reputation management discovery tool that the JM Internet Group provides for businesses to manage their reputation online.

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