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SEO - Testimonials & Student Reviews of JM Internet Group Trainings

The best testimonial, we feel, is actually taking the class and learning (and seeing) for yourself. That's why we offer a free introductory webinar on the Top Ten Free Tools For SEO / Google Rank, and encourage you to try us out in that fashion. We also offer a money back guarantee - if you are not happy after the first class, just let us know and we will refund you full class payment.

Here are additional reviews and student testimonials from recent attendees of both our free and paid trainings in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and/or AdWords -

Chuck G

I wanted to send a sincere thank you for your time and energy today in the 10 Tools webinar! I have started a fledgling business with exactly one, so the hat rack is full. Craving to know everything about everything to give my business the best advantage, I am a devotee of webinars and YouTube videos. After attending your webinar today, I have to tell you that you blew the others away. When you said that you look at some of your role as being a translator between the geek speak and the average user, you couldn't have been more on point. You really make this information accessible and relevant! I am filled with gratitude and as (my business) grows, I will be back for paid classes.

Dave - September, 2013

I've been doing computer stuff for over 50 years, during which time I have been subjected to quite a few training sessions. I have not enjoyed any as much as your hour-long SEO tips video nor have I learned as much so easily. You combine a mix of humor, speed, and content that is perfectly matched to my lack of patience and conviction that I already know pretty much everything except that one little thing (YOU KNOW THE ONE!).

Julie - May, 2013 - SEO Top Ten Class

I have to say I really enjoyed your webinar, a couple of times I actually laughed out loud! You are very professional and knowledgeable but also a whole lot of fun to listen to. Thank you for a wonderful class.

Liz - April, 2013 - SEO Class

Jason is an excellent teacher. His generous sharing of insider tips gained from his years of successful Internet marketing saved me hours of research and trial and error! Priceless! His webinars make the world of SEO understandable (and you can use the information to improve your website's profitability immediately!). The class paid for itself before it was over when I used the information Jason provided to get a new client!

Dana - March, 2013 - Free SEO Tools Webinar

Thank you so much for your prompt response. I am using the information to have a better understanding of the process as I interview potential website developers to redo my website. Interestingly, I attended a local SEO seminar the evening before and it was ok. As a trainer by profession, I was asked to critique it. Then I participated in your Webinar the next morning...I was blown away. You are are wonderful trainer! Most of SEO "stuff" is way above my head but you made it less scary and more manageable (I hope). You have a wonderful ability to keep the subject matter interesting and your students engaged. I will be contacting several people I met the night before to tell them about your programs and give them your information.

Michael S - December, 2012 - Fifty SEO Ideas

Just wanted to say, Mr McDonald, that your SEO book/.pdf is amazingly comprehensive and answers all the questions I hadn't yet figured out how to ask. It's been sitting on my desktop for quite a while, as at first I found its erudition and page-packed practical know-how overwhelming (and some of that lingers even now). I'm an individual Limey Londoner, tinkering away in the most modest of manners, so - for me - there is a touch of overkill about what you provide. I'm not worthy of it. But I appreciate every idea and all the time, hard work, and patience that you must have put into its writing and construction.

Valentina A - November, 2012 - Free Top Ten Webinar

I just want to say thank you for your AMAZING webinar on SEO this afternoon (for me, I am on Eastern time). I listen to a lot of webinars weekly and I have never come across one I loved as much as yours. You are efficient, knowledgeable and extremely good at teaching. Thank you so much again. I am extremely grateful.

Joe W - November, 2012 - Fifty SEO Ideas (e-Book)

Finally, an author who knows how to share with people who are not 110% computer literate. Jason McDonald does have a way of training the untrainable. He is a keen instructor and certainly has a perspective that will facilitate the bulk of people who trying to either improve their website, or trying to create a website that will work optimally. Jason takes it one step at a time, and raises issues that every person should address to adequately have a productive website, whether you are going to do it yourself, or even better, have an expert design it for you. Either way, you need to know as much as possible to help lead the designers and technicians. If you are only going to get one publication from which to get a grip, make it this one!!! I would be surprised if you would need another one after reading this.

Charles - November, 2012 - Fifty SEO Ideas (e-Book)

I especially liked the consistency of your book--easy to follow, easy to pick out what is most important. Some of it didn't seem geared toward beginners such as I am, but I'll plow through and get there. Overall, very helpful and much appreciated--as a small non-profit, we try to keep up using current staff, and things change very fast so it can be difficult, as you know. Having people willing to share basic expertise is wonderful.

Reuven - November, 2012 - Fifty SEO Ideas (e-Book)

Thank you for your latest book 'Fifty SEO Ideas'. Well, I started reading the book but after the first 2 pages I felt that I am getting so precious advices, that I decided to implement some of them immediately, before I further read the book. Suddenly, I found myself dealing with SEO related topics that I should take care off a long time ago. Then I decided to continue to read the entire book, to get awareness about all '50 ideas'. The book is just great! Now I can do many improvements on my websites based on what I learned from your book. It's a useful instrument for me, as the website owner. Thanks again for your kindness and I wish you many more books like this.

Sara K - October, 2012 - Fifty SEO Ideas (e-Book)

I am not a computer nerd, but I do need to understand how my website works and how to make it better!! Blessings on Jason McDonald for providing " Fifty SEO Ideas: Free Tips, Secrets, and Ideas for Search Engine Optimization" wherein he yet again provides an easy to understand, precise, valuable resource without jargon!! I skimmed through the book as a .pdf in about an hour, noting sections to return to in detail and work through for my website. I found both an approach and handy free tools to solve two of my ongoing website issues...hooray!! I look forward to finding and taking the time to delve into the sections I need, utilizing the tools provided and watching my website respond...go for it now!

Michelle - October, 2012 - SEO Free Webinar

This webinar was incredibly informative. I really enjoyed your presenting style. I can't wait to start using these tools to help my company! Michelle

Mikki - October, 2012 - SEO Free Webinar

Jason, Your seminar was wonderful, really. You are great and funny and you can tell you have a passion and are wanting to help people!!! Thank you so much, Mikki

Ron C - June, 2012 - SEO Training

Jason, hope all is well with you and yours. I just wanted to thank you for your classes and all the information it provided me last year.. I canít say enough about how helpful it was in getting us ranked higher on Google, over the past year we have seen our sales increase by over 35%, at a time when other agencies growth were flat or anemic at best. Our ranking currently has fallen off a bit, only because I canít work the SEO side of things all the time, I do have to sell insurance and provide customer service, but all is still good.. We went from 6 pages back or canít find us at all on Google to the first page in most searches and at least it has generated increased activity on the phones, which ultimately translates to increased sales. I just thought Iíd let you know of our progress due to your classes..

Dan E - January, 2012 - Google+ Webinar

I really appreciated this seminar, and all of your work. I teach online marketing for SCORE and some of the local libraries in this area. I tell people that if they want to be successful, they have to be committed to continuous education. More than anything else, I show them how to use the resources they can find online. And I point to your work as one of the most useful resources for SEO, paid search and social media. Iíve said or written this more than once: ďJM Internet Groupís free seminars are better than othersí paid seminars.Ē

In this seminar, you said something to the effect, ďI am not an expert.Ē I understand exactly what you meant. I think all the real experts regard themselves as students. They know that things are changing faster than they can keep up. There is one area though, where you are a real expert. You are the guru of generously sharing knowledge in an arena where so many other knowledge providers are offering confusing or inaccurate information.

Cheryl T - January, 2012 - Google+ Webinar

Hi Jason, I just finished the Google+ webinar and have just added you to my circles. How do I +1 you? I +1'd JM Internet Group but can't figure out how to +1 you. By the way, amazing Webinar. Thank you for the useful info. I get really miffed when I spend the time to take a webinar on a topic I want to learn about and all they talk about is how to pay to take their course to learn what I am trying to learn in their webinar. I was so excited to get started that I was trying to create my Google+ profile and listen to your Q&A at the same time. Funny thing is, I already created it and didn't even know that I had created it previously (LOL). With the info I got in your webinar, I was able to make some updates and better understand what I am doing and how to effectively utilize this tool I didn't even know I had.

Linda Carroll - December, 2011 - Classes

You are an EXCELLENT instructor! I took your free webinar on 10 tools and because you were so easy to understand and didn't talk all the "tecckie" language, I was able to understand, follow, and now be able to help my clients. I'm so glad I made the investment because these classes were like the first - easy to understand, lots of tools and great explanations. I will highly recommend you to others.

T Ross - December, 2011 - Classes

That was the best investment I have ever made. Your webinars were more than just informative, they totally transformed the way my company approaches the web design part of our business. I thank you and my clients will benefit the most.

Marcus K - June 2011 - Classes

To point, thank you very much for the webinar you and your team conducted on "SEO for Marketers and Small Businesses". My background is in programming Auto LISP, AutoCADís programming language. I had a fundamental understanding of HTML and none really of SEO at all. I took your class and after implementing just a few of the changes on the home page alone, we have already seen remarkable results. I am very excited about the additional changes we will make and how the results will reflect those changes. Thank you for making SEO very simple and very easy to understand. That doesnít mean it is easy, nothing worth having ever is, but your class certainly gave me one of the most comprehensive road maps to follow I have ever had the pleasure of using. I continue to follow your posts and use the SEO toolbox you provide and will continue to do so in the future.

Jesse S - May 2011 - Classes

After 10+ years of searching for someone who really understand website search engine optimization and social marketing I can't express my enormous gratitude and appreciation to Jason McDonald. There is no other individual who so willingly shares practical hands-on tips and techniques -- continually updating with the state of industry practices. He gives away more information for free than the so called experts sell often outdated practices for thousands. Jason can do so because that's just the tip of the iceberg that comprises his wealth of knowledge and experience. What a glorious find for those who want to learn and apply.

Laura J - May 2011 - Classes

One of the things we do is fire investigations cause/origin for attorneys, insurance companies etc. when a heating appliance failure is the likely cause of a fire.

Recently we were contacted by a prestigious out of state firm who wanted to hire our services. When my manager was out at the property site, the attorney's assistant came up to him and told him that he didnít know who we paid to do our search engine words, but they were worth whatever we were paying them and really on the ball. His boss had told him to give her a list of 5 or 6 potential business for this case. But no matter what he typed into the search engine, our business was always on that first page of results, and usually one of the top ones. This directly led to us being hired. (He literally couldnít get away from us).

I do our web sites, and all of them have been obviously well optimized thanks to your online SEO classes. I knew the classes had worked well for us, but it was great to get such unexpected and unbiased feedback from someone doing completely cold searches!

Sally K - April 2011 - Classes

I won the draw to receive you seminar for free after the initial top ten tool webinar. Boy, did I hit the jackpot! 1st I never really do win anything . So being drawn was a surprise. But you opened a whole to me that I had no idea existed.

The six- part webinar was terrific. You did a great job of providing valuable information. You knowledge on SEO's was great and the teaching style really worked well with the webinar format. I also love the handouts for each session and the teaching sheet. Only two things are hard: I'm totally overwhelmed and I don't know where to start. My website was built by another person and I not sure if I should go to her for these updates, try to do it myself or have your help. Could you let me know what type of rates you charge? I would at the very least be interested in a 30 minute session with you as you suggested at the end of the seminar to take a look at what I have. What would you suggest?

Again, thank you for such great information and thank you for finding thru you innovative marketing!

Michael from Bellingham, WA - Full Training, December, 2010

Jim's SEO training classes were friendly, clear, engaging, and concise. And with prompt follow-up to numerous later questions, etc., even if asked days or weeks later. I appreciate all of those qualities immensely. All in all, the class investment has been a great value for my visual effects software company. It empowered us to move significantly up in our rankings -- to the top three (after often #1) in some very competitive keywords. Awesome!

John from Seattle, WA - 2011 January Free Top Ten Webinar Training

You are a treasure.....thank you for the info, the presentation energy and your approach during the recent Top 10 Free Google Tools webinar I attended. Youíre opening comment about wanting it to be ďinformation based vs. about the presenters sales goal basedĒ, was totally achieved from my view. I have always been curious how the best sales presentations are those which donít have to or strongly try to sell...because the focus is on the audience with an effort to direct, inform and support those of attending.

Great job at all of the above, while I consider myself above average in my knowledge and skill regarding making the Internet an effective tool, I was able to walk away with significant value.

As an SEO marketer, I often engage with folks in need of work that they are not willing or able to afford and think that doing it themselves is a viable path for their small marketing department to undertake. I am usually dubious, when this position is considered by clients since I know the road to" getting it" is a long one hard road to navigate, one that can also be very expensive while not creating the associated success on the revenue gain side. I believe it will improve their success rate, (but yet still difficult) exposing them to the info that you teach.

So, I will not hesitate to point these folks in your direction, your info is spot on, presented in simple usable language and priced in a manner that makes ďgetting itĒ affordable. You have successfully packaged something that many of us have taken years and 10ís of 1000ís of dollars to learn.

Thanks again, it was a pleasure (something I can almost never say under other similar seminar circumstances) sitting through your webinar I walked away better informed as a result.

Jackie Jacobson, an artist who paints the familiar and makes it extraordinary.- Spring, 2010 classes

Just a compliment on how these classes help. My February website monthly visits were 281. My monthly visits for December 2010 were 2560. Thank you Jason!

Mark from Ontario, Canada - 2010 October Free Top Ten Webinar Training

I have attended literally hundreds of free and paid webinars on various topics from the stock market to industrial safety training. Some had a nugget of valuable information that was worth the time spent, but many were basically just infomercials. Yours stand out in usefulness, amount of content, effectiveness of delivery, etc.

Amanda from Lansing, Michigan - 2010 October Free Top Ten Webinar Training

Your webinar was absolutely priceless! Thank you so very much for taking the time. I am thrilled at the amount of information I was able to take away.

Jay S, 2010 October Free Top Ten Webinar Training

I found the webinar very informative (I missed the first 20 minutes), and plan to purchase the series tomorrow. Most webinars put me to bed, but yours I had to be pried to be taken away from the computer.

Dave from New Hampshire, 2010 September Paid Training

This is the first time I'm getting a chance to write after the class. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am about the SEO class. I really liked everything about it - the presentation with all of the live real word examples, and the great analogies; the format - the tools you are using work great and I really like getting the video after the class - that will help a lot. The free access for former students is great too.

I can't wait to put everything I've learned into action. I've been so busy with my other (video) business that I just have not had the time yet - but it won't be long before I do. I need to choose a new site development platform too - thinking of going with WordPress.

Again, thank you so much... You'll be seeing my on your free webinars I'm sure and I'll want to take the social media class after I've done some implementation of what I've learned already.

Dhruv from India, Attended March, 2010 Paid Training

Just wanted to say thank you to you for being such a great resource for SEO. I donít know how but Iím glad I came across your website and was fortunate enough to take your webinars. Today I had this discussion on title tags with my colleague and as a habit to find out the correct Ans I was about to Google it but though of searching your website first and was surprised to see that you had the exact question there. Needless to say I won the discussion, thanks to you and your post only helped me confirm it. You doing a great job out there. Keep it upÖ and many thanks once again.

Toby, from Clarksville, TN, Attended August, 2010 Paid Webinar

I have already recommended you to my connections and Chamber groups on linkedin. What you offer is necessary for all small business owners to at least understand. The majority will not be managing their own websites unless they use a content management system simply because they are too small and therefore too busy doing everything else. They need to know what SEO really is about so that they can make good decisions on how to get help with their websites.


I do promise to catch up with you once I have things in a place that makes sense. At this point I feel like it would be a bit like asking a building inspector to inspect a house that has not been built! I would also like to know what your fee is for SEO advising....

John, from Anaheim, CA, Attended August, 2010 Free Webinar

BTW, your free webinars have been extremely helpful and I am telling everyone I know to sign up! Once I have cash flow I will definitely consider becoming a paying student. Your free advice already has moved a key landing page from page 9 to the top of page 2 for an important keyword search. (Yes, I know, still in the low "C" grade range, but not bad, and your tips from yesterday will hopefully move it up.) I attribute some current talks with a very interested international distributor/retailer directly to getting the page "visible" in Google.

Did I say "THANKS!!"? :)

George, from Akron, OH, Attended May, 2010 Free Webinar

Thank you for your quick response. I have been studying SEO for the last 5 years. I have taken seminars, webinars and hired consultants (at my last company) and I think your FREE webinar accomplished more than all those other ones put together. I really enjoyed the information and the way you presented it. And I especially appreciated you providing access to the information via your archives - that is truly professional.

Chad, from Denver, Attended April, 2010 Session

Here is a fun fact for you which I directly correlate to our SEO, since we implemented several key changes, our website is page one, pos 1, 2, or 3 for our unique keywords. We have decreased our AdWords monthly bill from $1500 to $300, but have actually maximized when our Ads run and the location of those ads, based on our current analytics which has resulted in an increase of about 20% click through rate on our adwords alone. Our website traffic has increased over 40% now, and our calls to action have increased from quarter one to this quarter. We have actually increased our direct estimates (these are based on the call to action form from the website) total dollars quarter to quarter (we submitted $108,000.00 for the entire first qtr 2010 and have submitted $112,000.00 just in the first month of the second quarter!). We are very fortunate also in that I personally have a good relationship with our webhost and web designer which makes getting (and deciphering) the monthly analytics reports very easy along with changes to the website design. While we are far from perfect, in terms of our website, we are heads above our local competition, much of which is a direct result from the knowledge gained from your SEO classes.

Kim, Maryville, TN, Attended February, 2010 Session

I will write more details later, but within the first week we saw a 14% increase in one site and 20% in another just after getting our site maps in place. We have not even begun to implement the many, many upgrades and we are already seeing a significant increase in sales.

We have much work to do but now we know what to do and in what order. The organization and quality of your class is 1st class. It is truly the best class I have taken in my professional life.

Rich, from Addison, IL, Attended September, 2009, Session and AdWords February Class

Just a note to thank you TWICE! The first thank you is for the SEO workbook. I downloaded it immediately when I received the email notice, but did not really look at it until a few days ago. It is fantastic! I downloaded all the webinars and PowerPoints from the class series but have not listened to them again since it is over 10 hours of media. But the workbook is perfect - it recaps everything you presented in the webinar series. I am now using the workbook to review and update (as you recommended) our website. We are still ranking on the first page for the keywords we focused on, but need to work on some other keywords. I just used some of the top ten tools you included to create an XML sitemap to be uploaded, and am creating an actual keyword spreadsheet that we will continually update to decide what keywords to focus on next on different pages on our site.

We have worked on meta tags and image tags but there is still room for much improvement. This workbook will be the manual for the continual improvements we need to make. Thank you so much for creating this concise tool to act as a guide.

The second thank you is for the Adwords webinar. The timing could not have been better. Yesterday, I sent our website designer specific instructions and copy to create a landing page for an Adwords ad campaign that we will start as soon as they create the landing page. The instruction you provided was awesome. I looked at some competitor ads and KNOW we should blow most of them away based on what we learned in the webinar. Thank you for creating this. We will use it to complement our natural SEO efforts to pick up where we are weak.

Brad, Attended February, 2010 Session

By far this is the best, most informative Webinar I have taken to date. Other more expensive webinars have not provided the level of information you have provided in this course. I will gladly recommend JM Internet Group to anyone I know interested in SEO.

Steve from Portland, Attended February, 2010 Session

Thanks Jason and Noelle! The format, content and price point for this course make it some some of the best marketing $$ I've ever spent. I had been using a number of the techniques, but not to their full potential. After your course, I am already thinking of how to update and augment my MarCom strategic plan, use SEO to increase traffic and do market research, and measure the results to share with my firm's management team. Good luck with your future endeavors!

Chad from Denver, Attended January 2010 Session:

I just wanted to offer my personal thanks for all the class presentations and the info. Since we began implementing the techniques we have seen immediate results (I think the fact that we have been in the process of rebuilding our website has helped with making sure we are getting indexed regularly with Google, so they are "seeing" the changes almost immediately as we make them). We are page one, position one for pretty much all of our keywords in organic searches. Prior to making some of the changes we were page one, position 3 or 4 depending on the keyword. I will definitely keep you in my address book for future reference and have already recommended you to several people and will certainly continue to do so. Thanks again for this invaluable information!

Ron, Attended January 2010 Session:

I have taken several on-line classes but this one is by far the best class for the buck. Thank you for offering it and for all your help. You are AWESOME!!!

David A, Great Falls, VA


I wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with your SEO webinar series and that I have sent a number of people to your website to sign up for future series.

Your SEO series is just what I was looking for. I am learning more from it than from any of the other ways I have used to learn SEO. Because I have limited time, I really like the way you eliminate all the informational overload, clutter and unnecessary jargon and get to the heart of what is most important to know and important to do. I find the mix of concept, strategy and the nuts and bolts of how to do things is just right. You make using SEO in a sophisticated, strategic way easy to understand and yet the course is in no way an intro 101 level course. You pack more useful information into each 90-minute session than many seminars pack into an entire day.

I am not finished with all the sessions and I have already been able to make good use of what I have learned.

Best Regards,

David A Great Falls, VA

Russ C, Maryland

Hi Jason,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your great SEO program!

I have been studying SEO for 10 years and have done fairly well in getting my websites in the top 10 -20 listings in Google. Recently though, it has been much more difficult. The ideas and lessons learned during your sessions were tremendous! You touched on so many concepts that had never occurred to me making those new ideas completely worth the value of taking the course; and then to have archives of each class... just awesome.

Last but not least, your personal touch in answering questions and then fielding emails and phone calls from me to answer specific questions just blew me away.

Jason, you set the standard in running an SEO course online.

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