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Social Media Marketing Training Class, Online

Social Media, they say, is all about the conversation. But for businesses and organizations like non-profits or government entities, social media can be a confusing marketing challenge. The big social media are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter but don't forget blogging, YouTubing, social bookmarks, and many, many more. What are the best ways to engage customers using social media? What is local search, like Google or Yelp and how are these media social? In this in-depth three online Social Media class, learn the best practices for social media. Listen to your customers, as well as participate in a conversation with your customers. Master the in's and out's of social media as part of your larger Internet media strategy. Learn Facebook Marketing, Local Search / Google Places Marketing, Yelp Marketing, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, YouTube Marketing and more!

Options and Prices - Social Media Training, Online:

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Webinar Dates: Buy Now:
Jun 30, 2014 (9:30 am) & Jul 1 9:30 am & Jul 1 12:30 pm
(THREE Sessions: Part I, Part II, Part III) - $300
Oct 16 (9:30 am), Oct 17 (9:30 am), & Oct 20 (9:30 am)
(THREE Sessions: Part I, Part II, Part III) - $300

Social Media Marketing, Online

    Part I

  • Social Media Marketing - What is Social Media? How does Web 1.0 differ from Web 2.0, and where are the marketing opportunities? Your Social Media Marketing (SMM) Plan

  • Social Media - My Friends: Facebook, Linkedin, Google+. How to listen, engage, and deploy an effective social media strategy.

    Part II

  • Local Search and Reviews: Google Places, Yelp, and Reviews - getting listed, engaging your customers via reviews, being high on the search list.

    Part III

  • Twitter: What Twitter is, how to Tweet effectively!

  • YouTube: leveraging Youtube's special relationship with Google as part of your SEO strategy as well as your social media strategy.

  • Your Social Media Marketing Plan - creating an organized plan defining your social media goals, the opportunities posed by the most relevant media, a step-by-step to do list, and finally a participation and monitoring strategy.

Why Our Online SEO Social Media Class is Superior to a Face-to-face Class. Many students come to us looking for a face-to-face social media marketing class experience. For groups of three or more, we do provide that service - simply email us for a quote. However, for most people especially in big cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago or even New York City, an online training experience can be very competitive. Why? Well, first of all, social media marketing is something you do online. So why not learn by doing? Secondly, no commuting. Who wants to commute into Chicago or Los Angeles vs. taking an online class at your own computer? Thirdly, video recording. We video record our social media classes, giving you a record to go back to for continued learning. So in sum while people might start their search looking for a social media class in Chicago or New York, they end up enjoying a superior online class.

About the JM Internet Group:
The JM Internet Group provides SEO / AdWords / Social Media training courses and classes in an easy, fun, and informative online learning environment, but many of our students reside in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston to name just a few of the major cities where you can learn search engine optimization, Google AdWords, and or Social Media Marketing from the convenience of your own computer! Questions? Call us at +1-888-993-1122 x 0.

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