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Facebook Like Button vs. Like Box vs. Comments Plugin - Explained!

Do you like me? Do you really really like me? In a box? In a button? In a comments box? On a train? In a plane? Oh do you like me Facebook Box? Do you like me Facebook Button? Do you like me Facebook Comment? Oh do you do you Facebook man?

Jason McDonald - Senior SEO Director By Jason McDonald
Senior SEO Instructor - JM Internet Group.
Posted: May 20, 2011


Facebook Like Button

Everyone wants to be liked, and everyone who is a marketer really really wants to be 'liked' on Facebook. Hence, the infamous Facebook Like Button. But what is being 'liked' on Facebook all about, and what is the difference between a) the Facebook Like Button, b) the Facebook Like Box, and c) the Facebook Comments Application? I feel like Dr. Seuss. There are so so very many ways to be liked on Facebook. It's confusing! First, the Facebook Like Button. There are two applications. On Facebook itself, if someone 'likes' your company's page, then you get a 'fan.' The more fans you have the cooler you are. If someone 'likes' you on Facebook, then their friends see that they 'liked' your company, and hopefully that inspires their friends to check out your own page, and also 'like' you. On Facebook itself, therefore, the Facebook like button is a viral way to grow your page.

The Facebook Like Button, however, also exists outside of Facebook. You can download and install the Facebook Like Button on any page of your website - not just your home page, but a blog page, a tutorial page, any page at all. The Facebook Like Button is available on the Internet for free (just click on that link). Then, once you install this code on a specific page (such as your home page, if someone 'likes' you, their friends see that they liked your page (but in this case your page on the Internet, not your Facebook page). That URL is then promoted in the sense that their friends see that they liked such-and-such URL on the Internet (e.g.,, and hopefully they are spurred to check out your web pages.

What's the difference? If someone uses the Facebook like button to 'like' your Facebook page, then you are in continual relationship: your posts to your page on Facebook update their wall. They 'see' your updates. Not so with the 'like box' on the Internet. Changes to your web page do NOT show up on their Facebook feed. The Internet version is more like one-time voting; the Facebook version is more like a long term relationship. Think one night stand vs. getting married. That's the two different applications of the Facebook like button.

How does the Facebook like button differ, therefore, from the Facebook like box?

Facebook Like Box

What then is the Facebook Box? The box is a way for people to 'see' what's going on on your Facebook Page from your web page. Here's the common scenario -

  • They are on your webpage (, upon which you have placed the Facebook Like Box
  • They 'see' the comments and posts of your wall without actually logging into Facebook and landing on your company's Facebook page.
  • They are so incredibly impressed by your flurry of activity on Facebook, that they 'like' you.
  • In this case, they have liked not your web page but your Facebook page - you are in scenario 2 above - you have gotten married.

Once 'liked' via the Facebook 'like box,' you are now in a continuing relationship with this 'fan.' You can post to your company's wall on Facebook and he/she will see your status updates. The Facebook Like Box integrates your website with your company's Facebook page.

Got it?

Facebook's (New) Comments Box Plug-in

The new Facebook Comments Box Plugin is really cool. What does it do? It allows users to post a comment to any page on your site on which you have enabled the Facebook Comments Box Plugin. Think: blog comment. You have a blog. You want to allow comments. Users do not want to have yet another sign in for your blog.

By enabling the Facebook Comments Plugin, you enable users to comment quickly and easily on your blog via their Facebook profile. What's more, you can set it up so they have the option of sharing that comment. They can comment on a post, and then their friends will see that comment, and 'presto' - your blog is going viral! People are commenting, others are seeing that the commented, and they check out your blog, like you, and both your Facebook and web traffic grows - virally.

Got it? Now do you like me? Do you do you? Please 'like' the JM Internet Group on Facebook, here. Or go to our home page and click on the 'like' button at the top of the page to 'like' our home page. Do you like me? Facebook-I-am? Do you do you Facebook man?

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