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Fifty SEO Ideas

Free Tips, Secrets, and Ideas for Search Engine Optimization

~ October, 2012
~ Get it FREE - (Prime Membership Required) | ~ Purchase it - $ 2.99; e-book | $21.00 (Hard Copy)

Fifty SEO Ideas - Search Engine Optimization Book
  • Learn Practical Ideas. Like getting physically fit, getting SEO Fit means doing practical things (like exercises!). This book identifies fifty practical tips, tricks, secrets and techniques that you should be doing NOW to get your company to the top of Google. Get things done and escape analysis paralysis!

  • Access Top Resources. Each item has pointers to top, free Internet resources that help you understand the idea / todo as well as leverage free tools and tips on the broader Internet.

  • Ten More SEO Ideas, Free!. Write a review on Amazon, send us an email when the review posts, and we will send you ten bonus ideas as a thank you!

Fifty SEO Ideas - Now One of the Best-Selling SEO Books on Amazon for 2012 / 2012

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is all about getting to the top of Google or Bing’s free listings. Natural or organic listings on Google are incredibly powerful as lead generating tools for your website or blog. This informative book explains fifty tips, tricks, and secrets that can help propel your company to the top of search engine results. Starting with topics as basic as how to write an effective blog post, the book covers areas such as Google Analytics, webmaster tools, why Twitter matters for SEO, and even Google Easter Eggs. If you are a small business owner, marketer, or anyone who needs to get a business or organization to the top of Google search, the ideas, tips, tricks, and secrets of Fifty SEO Ideas can help you with practical, immediate “todo” advice. Each idea is explained in quick detail: what it is, why it matters, steps to do to get it done, and even a grading rubric so you can grade where you and your team are today. To get physically fit, we go to a gym and do systematic exercises. To get SEO fit, this book gives you practical exercises that will bolster your company’s SEO fitness in just a few hours per week!
~ Publication Date: October, 2012
~ Status:: Fifty SEO Ideas is now one of the best-selling SEO Books for 2012 and 2013 on Thanks readers!

Sample Ideas - all explained with TODO lists, grading charts, and lists of free Internet resources!

  • Newsjack - Identify trending topics and blog about them.
  • Free SEO Webinars - Attend a free SEO event.
  • Local Reviews - Ask for reviews on Google+ Local, Yelp, etc..
  • Webmaster Tools - Set up Webmaster tools in Google and Bing.
  • Google Analytics Learning - Watch informative Google videos on how to use Analytics.
  • Tweet URL's - Identify top Twitterers and get them to tweet your URL's.
  • Google SEO Guide - Download and read the official Google guide to SEO.
  • Learn from Google - Identify and use official Google learning SEO resources.
  • Blog Commenting - Identify blogs in your keyword communities and participate through comments.
  • Google Easter Eggs - Discover the humorous side of Google.
  • Google+ Local - Find and/or claim your free, official Google+ local listing.
  • Local SEO - Cross-reference local listings and your website, consistently.
  • Authorship on Google - Set up a Google+ personal page and create authorship for your website or blog.
  • SERP Rank - Check your search engine results page (SERP) rank across target keywords.
  • YouTube SEO - Create a YouTube channel and SEO optimize your YouTube content.
  • Social Media Profiles - Create social media channels and backlink to your website.
  • Guest Blog - Identify bloggers in your keyword community and solicit guest blogging opportunities.
  • Home Page SEO - Use your home page as the premier SEO gateway to your website.
  • Link Sculpt - Link sculpt your home page and your entire website for keyword optimization.
  • Freshness First - Freshen your home page and site with blog posts, news releases, and new content.
  • Build an Email List - Leverage the power of email marketing by building a list.
  • Naming Conventions - Name your page URL's, directories, and graphics after your target keywords.
  • Keyword Discovery - Use free keyword tools to identify and prioritize your SEO keywords.
  • Local Citations - Claim your local listings and solicit local citations.
  • Google Analytics - Set up and utilize Google's free Google Analytics platform.
  • Link Metrics - Measure your PageRank via Google and surrogate metric services.
  • Build Links - "Ask for the ""easy"" links from ecosystem partners."
  • Link Bait - Brainstorm link bait opportunities like infographics or widgets.
  • Sitemaps - Create HTML and XML sitemaps to make your site search engine friendly.
  • Image Optimization - Optimize your use of images for effective SEO.
  • Landing Pages - Create effective landing pages that follow the CEA model.
  • Google Alerts - Set up Google email alerts to monitor your reputation and keywords.
  • Real World Promotion - Don't forget to promote your website via real world tactics.
  • Reverse Engineer Links - Use free tools to reverse engineer competitors' link strategies.
  • TITLE Tag Audit - Audit your TITLE tags for SEO keywords and optimize where necessary.
  • META DESCRIPTION Tag Audit - Audit your META DESCRIPTION tags for SEO keywords and optimize where necessary.
  • META KEYWORDS Tag Audit - Educate your staff on how the META KEYWORDS tag does not matter.
  • SEO Content - Write keyword heavy, well structured SEO-friendly content.
  • Speed Check - Check your website's speed in Google Webmaster tools and Analytics
  • Email Signatures - Use employee email signatures to promote your website, contests, or offers.
  • Mobile SEO - Get ready for the mobile SEO revolution!
  • News Releases - Use free and paid news release services for buzz, social mentions, and links.
  • Website Goals - Identify business goals and then website goals in Google Analytics
  • Referrer Websites - Discover referrer websites in Google Analytics and nurture your relationships.
  • Advanced Segments - Set up SEO and non-branded custom SEO segments in Google Analytics.
  • SEO Keywords - Identify your top SEO keywords in Google Analytics and search for opportunities.
  • Google Reader - Set up Google Reader and subscribe to the top SEO blogs.
  • Blog Tagging - Use blog tags as in WordPress to communicate to readers and Google your blog's themes.
  • Google +1 Badge - Set up the +1 Button and Badge for your website.
  • Article Marketing - Contribute to article marketing sites (within reason).
  • Company Paragraph - Write a keyword heavy footer for each page of your website.
  • Google+ Company Page - Set up a Google+ company page and start Google+'ing.
  • Blog, blog, blog - Create SEO-friendly blog posts, frequently.
  • SEO Books - Stay abreast of SEO books via searches.
  • SEO Trade Shows - Follow and attend the major SEO industry trade shows.
  • Identify Bloggers - Find bloggers who want to blog about your products or services.
  • Local Listings - Claim your free business listings on Yelp, Citysearch and other local sites.
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