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Google SEO Marketing - How Google Sees Your Website - Free Webinar

Free Online SEO Training Class - Introductory Webinar on Search Engine Optimization
  • Learn How Google Sees Your Website. The web is visual - to humans - and text - to readers. But how does Google really see your website? Learn inside ways to view your website thru Google's eyes, and thereby begin to understand what you should do to improve your Google rank and visibility

  • Non-students & others - register for free access to future webinars in this informative series! Tips and tricks for SEO / AdWords / Social Media - FREE lunch / coffee webinar series!

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    Google SEO Marketing - How Google Sees Your Website - Summary and Agenda

    • Using 'view source' to see your site as Google sees it.
    • Invisible sites to Google, such as Adobe Flash
    • Webmaster tools - join the Google club
    • Finding out what is indexed by Google
    • XML sitemaps

    SEO - Search Engine Optimization - is all about getting to the top of Google and Bing for free, using free tools. Join us for this informative, free, lunchtime seminar about Google and how Google views your website.

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