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List of Top SEO Books for 2012 Released by JM Internet Group

'Must Read' Books on Search Engine Optimization on

Fremont, CA - December 13, 2012 - The JM Internet Group (web:, a leader in providing SEO courses for small business online, is proud to announce its list of top ten SEO Tips books on Jason McDonald, director and founder of the JM Internet Group, has created a special list titled "Best SEO Books for 2012 / 2013 - Books on Search Engine Optimization". The newly created list of top ten books for SEO Tips are great in giving small business tips generating traffic to their websites.

"I'm excited about our new top SEO Books for 2012 llist," said Gloria McNabb, Public Relations Specialist for the JM Internet Group. "Jason and I worked closely reading and investigating useful books with tips, tricks, and techniques on SEO on We put together this amazing list for our students and friends who want to know 'what's what' in SEO on the Internet.'

For more information on the top ten SEO books list, go to -

SEO Tips Course Syllabus - Focused on SEO Tips for Small Business

  • Top Ten: Top Ten Free Tools for SEO / Search Engine Optimization
  • Keywords: How to Generate Great Keywords for Great Google Rank
  • Page Tags - Quick Boost - Use Page Tags to Improve your Google Rank
  • Link Strategies: The Who, What, Where, When and How of Getting Good Links for SEO
  • News: News You Can Use - Using News as an SEO Opportunity -
  • Google Rank: Monitoring Your Google Rank, and Leveraging it for SEO and PPC
  • Website Structure: Creating the Best Topology for Google Rank
  • Metrics: Tools for Measuring Your Website SEO and Performance

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The JM Internet Group also offers training classes for Google AdWords as well as Social Media Mareketing. Each session is taught in two trainings, and covers all the important and critical elements of advertising on Google as well as developing a good Social Media Marketing strategy for your business or company online. For more information, call or visit the company website.

"Our SEO course is the foundation, yet adding AdWords and Social Media Marketing is an excellent way to build a well-rounded Internet marketing strategy," quipped Dr. McDonald.

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The JM Internet Group provides SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google AdWords training and courses for busy marketers and businesspeople. Online search engine optimization training helps explain keywords, page tags, link building strategies and other techniques needed to climb to the top of search engine rankings for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The teaching methodology is hands on, with live examples and discussions, taught from the convenience of each student's computer.

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