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Free Google AdWords Guides and Resources: The Top 7 Free Google AdWords Resources

Google AdWords is Google's advertising platform wherein you pay per click. You identify your target keywords, write some great ads, upload to AdWords, and bid per click. Then when a user searches on your keywords, your ads appear (upon 'winning' the AdWords auction), you get clicks, and hopefully get sales. Sound simple? Yes, deceptively simple. But AdWords is anything but simple! To mitigate the complexity of AdWords, Google produces some wonderful learning resources on AdWords including free AdWords coupons to get started as well as tools to help you be a better AdWords advertiser. But Google doesn't produce a single point of access. This tutorial explains where you can find nifty, free resources to help you learn to be a better AdWords advertiser.

Jason McDonald - Senior SEO Director By Jason McDonald
Senior SEO Instructor - JM Internet Group.
April 15, 2013


Free AdWords Coupons

If you are just getting started with AdWords, don't miss the infamous free AdWords coupons and vouchers. These $100 and $75 coupons and vouchers can get you started for free on AdWords.
AdWords Free Coupons

AdWords Help Center

This is your gateway to easy-to-use lessons about the Google AdWords advertising program. Whether you're just getting started with AdWords, seeking to improve your ad performance, or studying for the Google Advertising Professionals exam, you'll find lessons designed to help you learn at your own pace. You can also read the complete version (with all available lessons). Just pick a Learning Center version below to get started.
AdWords Help Center

AdWords Certification Program

Boy, that's a mouthful! Google has an offiicial AdWords certification program, and for $50 you can take their test and be officially certified. Even if you don't want to take their test, their official study guide is a treasure trove of useful information on AdWords. Highly recommended, and the study guide is FREE. Just remember to put AdWords in context of other (FREE) efforts like SEO!
AdWords Certification Program

Free AdWords Webinars

Like to learn? Keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest in AdWords with this list of upcoming LIVE webinars by Google on AdWords.
Free AdWords Webinars

AdWords Community

The official Google AdWords help community. Googlers and AdWords experts share help and advice. It's a bit like going to the Mickey Mouse club of AdWords - everyone is a super positive pro-AdWords imagineer! Smile! Be Happy! But you can also learn stuff.

AdWords Community

AdWords Editor

According to Google - AdWords Editor is a free Google application for managing your AdWords campaigns. Use it to download your account, update your campaigns with powerful editing tools, then upload your changes to AdWords. Work offline, then upload your changes any time. Make bulk changes (such as updating bids or adding keywords) in just a few steps. Copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns. Navigate through...
AdWords Editor

AdWords on Social Media

Does AdWords have an official blog? An official AdWords YouTube channel, or Google+ account? Of course they do! Does the blog tell you where the YouTube channel is, or the YouTube channel tell you where the Google+ account is? Of course not! Here are the major information channels for staying tuned into what's going on in official AdWords.
AdWords Blog
AdWords on Facebook
Google Business on YouTube (AdWords)


Free Google: Free SEO, Social Media, and AdWords Resources from Google for Small Business Marketing - Search Engine Optimization Book Free Google is your guide to the wonderful, hidden resources of the Googleplex for SEO, AdWords, and Social Media Marketing. Google produces many useful tools, tips, training resources, user fora and more - but there has been on easy guide. Until now!

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