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Get Your PICTURE to Show on GOOGLE: Easy!

How do you get your PICTURE to show on Google searches? Here's how: download our step-by-step instructions and watch our informative video tutorial. Is it confusing? YES. Can you do it? YES! Just start with our FREE instructions!

Jason McDonald - Senior SEO Director By Jason McDonald
Senior SEO Instructor - JM Internet Group.
Revised: April 6, 2014 | May 4, 2013 | July 21, 2012 | Posted: February 20, 2012


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Watch the Video

Examples of Rich Snippets / Authorship at Work on Google Searches

While most people search for things like How to get my picture on Google, or How to get your picture on Google search that is not the real name of this process. The real name of how to get your picture to show on Google search is called authorship Sometimes they call it rich snippets. Google even has an official help file on 'getting your picture to show on Google' at here as well as an official Google+ 'how to' on authorship, here. (Note: because of spam, I do NOT recommend using the email method!) Their instructions are a bit fuzzy, so I am going to help you understand the steps necessary to get your picture to show on Google search results (Google SERPS).

But first, what are we walking about? Let's look at some examples of others who have succeeded in getting their picture to show on Google search results.

Here are some search examples wherein you will see pictures of 'guru's' on Google +.

So our first take-away is that Google is moving towards social search, so you should try to get your picture to appear on Google search results. This will help you get more clicks and more followers on Google+, plus enhance your status as the coolest guru in your industry (whatever industry that may happen to be). Here are the steps to enable authorship / rich snippets.

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