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Free Google SEO Guides and Resources: The Top 6 Free Google Resources for Search Engine Optimization

Google produces a wealth of free resources on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for beginners. Most importantly, Google produces a very helpful Google SEO Starter guide. In addition, there is a cheatsheet (a one pager) on search engine optimization (new for 2013), as well as a great help area, a YouTube channel, a blog and more. Unfortunately, there is no single one stop shop for all the free Google SEO goodies. This tutorial post helps identify the top six free resources for Google SEO, as part of FREE GOOGLE: Free SEO, Social Media, and AdWords Resources from Google for Small Business Marketing (March, 2013)

Jason McDonald - Senior SEO Director By Jason McDonald
Senior SEO Instructor - JM Internet Group.
March 24, 2013


Google SEO Cheat Sheet

This one page Google SEO guide is very much meant for beginners. Most importantly, it tells you to put your keywords in your TITLE tags across your content pages, add images to your content (including of course the ALT attribute) and to stay fresh.
Google One Page SEO Guide (Cheat Sheet) | Click here if the file will not open correctly!

Google SEO Starter Guide

Of all the official Google SEO guides ever produced, this is by no doubt the most informative, helpful, and dare I say - HONEST. It covers many of the on page aspects of SEO, such as creating strong SEO-friendly content starting with your TITLE tags, adding the ALT attribute to images, using proper URL structure and more. Even more important, perhaps, is what it does NOT tell you: get links and social mentions, and that SEO can be far, far more cost-effective than AdWords.
Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Google Webmaster Academy

This is a learning site structured in terms of a series of implicit questions and answers such as, 'Learn how Google works,' or 'Connect with Google+.' They've done a nice job with the videos, but be a little cynical - these are purposely vague on very important SEO issues such as knowing the types of keywords that customers type into Google, and weaving those into your target website pages!
Google Webmaster Academy

Webmaster (SEO) Help

Is there help for SEO? Yes and no. It's a little geeky but there is an 'ask a question' and 'we'll find the answer' help supersite on Webmaster tools. It can be a bit too technical for the average user, so don't forget to just Google any question you might have, such as 'What is a Landing Page in Google Analytics?' But try queries like 'Title tags' or 'Keyword tags' for answers to your technical questions.
Webmaster Help

Google Webmaster Tools Blog

Geeks of the world unite! Here is the official Google Webmaster Tools blog. Again, a bit technical (on the one hand), but on the other, not as salesy as many of the official Google blogs that are more corporate. Many of the posts are very informative on a technical level, so if you are serious about SEO, this is probably the most important official blog.
Webmaster Central Blog (to query the blog)

Google Webmasters on YouTube

Official videos by Google Webmaster, especially Matt Cutts who functions as the Google SEO 'press secretary,' giving the official party line of Google about SEO and 'web spam issues.' Listen, learn, but take it all with a huge grain of salt and skepticism.

Webmasters on YouTube


If you are an Amazon prime member, you can get the latest and greatest book on all the amazing free resources produced by Google for SEO, AdWords, and Social Media for FREE. If not, it's only $2.99.
FREE Google

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