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GotoWebinar App for iPad: Using Your iPad for a Webinar

The Apple iPad is truly a nifty device. What's even niftier is using your Apple iPad device with the GotoWebinar software! As the leading SEO training company, The JM Internet Group and GotoWebinar now support the use of Apple iPad in all our trainings! Use this 'tutorial post' to understand how to participate in our classes on your Apple iPad device.

Jason McDonald - Senior SEO Director By -
Senior SEO Instructor - JM Internet Group.
Posted: June 12, 2012
Apple iPad Support in the GotoWebinar Platform. GotoWebinar now supports the Apple iPad! The first thing you have to down is download the FREE GotoWebinar App at the iTunes store. Just click on the link, here from within your Web browser on your iPad and you should be prompted to download and install the Apple iPad app.

Once installed, be sure to turn your iPad horizontally and use your fingers to 'expand' the screen to maximum viewing. The iPad screen is smaller of course than an Apple computer or PC, so expanding the screen gives you the maximum viewing pleasure. Apple iPad App Support for GotoWebinar

Asking a Question. Unfortunately, the iPad GotoWebinar app does not yet support 'asking a question' during a training. So we have a solution. During a live training, open up your web browser in another window, and click on our ask a question link. You can type your question in there, hit send, and those questions will be added to our questions queue in realtime. It's a little more complicated than using the native GotoWebinar app, but you can still participate with live questions. Raising your hand is not yet supported.

Downloading and Viewing the Archived Webinar. Finally, we support the .mp4 format, so once you receive the archived video link via email, you can simply click on the link entitled 'iPAD user' and view the webinar in .mp4 format. The iPad has a native Quicktime player, which should automatically support viewing. To test your .mp4 capability, click on this mp4 test file (Our webinar on 'Fish where the Fish Are').

More Technical Help. If you are having trouble with the GotoWebinar App for iPad, please contact GotoWebinar support at Gotowebinar Technical Assistance - general help using the Gotowebinar platform. Or, call 888-646-0015 (USA), 877-225-7998 (Canada), 0-808 234-1427 (UK). If you are having trouble with your iPad in terms of viewing the .mp4 video files, go to the official iPad technical support website.

Finally, if you need technical support for our webinars, reach out to the JM Internet Group by email or call +1-510-713-2150 x 0. We are happy to help!

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