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How To Search Twitter Advanced Search - By Location, for Hashtags, and For Twitter Posts & Profiles
  - Free On Demand Video

How to Search Facebook (Facebook Advanced Search / Without Being Logged In)
  • Advanced Search on Twitter. Twitter has both a simple search and an advanced search, but the advanced search is hidden. Learn where it is, and how to use it!

  • How to Search Twitter, Advanced!. Did you know that you can search Twitter not just for #hashtags and trending topics, but for accounts, and even mentions of accounts? You can even use Twitter Advanced search to identify positive and negative comments. Moreover, you can use Google, Bing, and Topsy to get even crazier with your Twitter searches. Amazing, advanced Twitter search techniques!

  • Don't Worry! It's a No Obligation, Free Video Tutorial. We promise this will be the BEST free webcast on How To Search Twitter Advanced Search - By Location, for Hashtags, and For Twitter Posts & Profiles you have ever attended, and you will receive all WEB LINKS, plus the PowerPoint Presentation.

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Twitter has become the 'goto' place for trending topics on the Internet. Many businesses find Twitter silly with the latest #hashtags trending being silly ones like #FavoriteUpAllNightMoments or #In6thGrade. That said, there are marketing and other opportunities on trending. If you sell organic food, for example, or even something technical like carbon offsets against global warming, you can search Twitter to find discussions (#hashtags) as well as prominent people who are talking about your topics and interests. Marketers can then market to them and through them; average people can then use Twitter as an amazing, fun real-time talk and buzz tool. Here's how!
Video Date: November 14, 2012
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