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Jason McDonald - Director, JM Internet GroupDr. Jason McDonald is founder and Senior SEO / Social Media Director of the JM Internet Group. He comes to the Group from eg3.com, where he has been Senior Editor in charge of content since 1994.Dr. McDonald is a “technologist” crazy enough to begin experimenting with online media in 1994, when he founded eg3.com as a web portal for embedded systems, broadly defined.He has extensive online journalism and teaching experience. In charge of eg3.com‘s SEO and PPC strategy, Dr. McDonald built eg3.com into the oldest and largest web portal in embedded systems with over 25,000 monthly users and over 35,000 registered eLetter subscribers. He also teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area at AcademyXBAVC (Bay Area Video Coalition), and Stanford University (Continuing Studies). Dr. McDonald received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1992 and his BA from Harvard University in 1985. Dr. McDonald is AdWords certified.


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