Best Social Media Marketing Books of 2019 – A List of Best Books on Social Media for Marketers

Social Media Marketing – it’s a party and not a prison. Here’s my list of the best books on social media marketing for 2019. First, you need to learn how to ‘throw’ incredible parties on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and yes – even Snapchat. But social media can be confusing for many reasons. At various times (MySpace, Twitter, SnapChat) people are terrified that if they’re not ‘doing it,’ well everyone else is ‘doing it,’ and ‘doing it’ better. So you better be ‘doing it,’ right? Well, not exactly. Second, you need a conceptual framework to do social media marketing, well. Books on Social Media MarketingFortunately, that’s where this list of the best books on social media marketing come in – deep dives into the in’s and out’s of throwing the most incredible ‘party’ on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even Snapchat. Here’s my list of 2019 books on social media marketing (included in the Appendix of my own book, the Social Media Marketing Workbook 2019). You can also access the books in the free companion Marketing Alamanac, available for free.

If you have a recommendation, please contact me.

Recommended Books on Social Media Marketing for 2019

  1. The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media – David Meerman Scott brings us a revised edition of his classic. ‘The international bestseller—now in a new edition. When it comes to marketing, anything goes in the Digital Age, right? Well, not quite. While marketing and public relations tactics do seem to change overnight, every smart businessperson knows that it takes a lot more than the ‘next big thing.’ The New Rules of Marketing & PR is an international bestseller with more than 375,000 copies sold in twenty-nine languages. ‘ – Rating: 5 Stars
  2. Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies – Jan Zimmerman and Deborah Ng bring you one of the ‘Dummies’ series that can be so popular. Published in May, 2017, the book was much anticipated! It has both an overview and then detailed chapters on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. – Rating: 5 Stars
  3. Crushing It – An instant classic by a guru of social media marketing chutzpah. Four-time New York Times bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk offers new lessons and inspiration drawn from the experiences of dozens of influencers and entrepreneurs who rejected the predictable corporate path in favor of pursuing their dreams by building thriving businesses and extraordinary personal brands. – Rating: 5 Stars
  4. Freakishly Effective Social Media for Network Marketing: How to Stop Wasting Your Time on Things That Don’t Work and Start Doing What Does! – Ray and Jessican Higdon teach you proven strategies for marketing and prospecting that allow you to navigate your way through the social media maze and achieve freakishly effective results for your business. – Rating: 4 Stars
  5. #GetSocialSmart: How to Hone Your Social Media Strategy – According to author Katie Lance, ‘This book is a social media guidebook for entrepreneurs, small business owners and real estate professionals. In this book, I teach how to create a smart social media strategy including the ins and outs of: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and many others. This book also teaches how to create your online story that will tell the story of what it feels like to work with you, by using graphics, videos and/or blog content. You will learn how to create a content strategy including blogging, live streaming (i.e. Facebook Live) and video marketing including how to use a content grid and editorial calendar to save you time and energy and to make planning easier. Social media is not a one-way street. You have to give to get.’ – Rating: 4 Stars
  6. Social Media Marketing, 3rd Edition – A textbook focusing on college courses. ‘”Social Media Marketing deserves special kudos for its courage in tackling the new frontier of social media marketing. This textbook challenges its readers to grapple with the daunting task of understanding rapidly evolving social media and its users.”― TAA Judges Panel” – Rating: 4 Stars
  7. 500 Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Advice, Hints and Strategy for Business – Andrew Macarthy brings forth a wonderful cornucopia of tips and advice on social media marketing. While the book doesn’t provide an overarching conceptual framework on social media marketing, it does have a great ‘laundry list’ approach that you can scroll through, looking for ideas for your own company. – Rating: 4 Stars
  8. Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked – OK, we marketers TRY to get people addicted to our messages and our products. This book is told more from the perspective of consumers and society, which might not be so keen on the whole let’s-get-addicted paradigm. In the author’s words, ‘Welcome to the age of behavioral addiction—an age in which half of the American population is addicted to at least one behavior. We obsess over our emails, Instagram likes, and Facebook feeds; we binge on TV episodes and YouTube videos; we work longer hours each year; and we spend an average of three hours each day using our smartphones. Half of us would rather suffer a broken bone than a broken phone, and Millennial kids spend so much time in front of screens that they struggle to interact with real, live humans.’ – Rating: 3 Stars
  9. 2000 Social Media Marketing Tricks: The Best Tips, Advice and Practices To Grow Your Business: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and More – According to the author, ‘If you’re looking to grow your business bigger and faster than you ever imagined possible, using a step-by-step guide on how to utilize social media marketing….THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! “2000 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TRICKS” is a title of more than just tips and tricks you can apply to social media platforms – it is a DONE WITH YOU guide to ensure your growing success on the current hottest platforms out there – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and others!’ – Rating: 3 Stars
  10. Social Media Marketing 2019: How to Become an Influencer Of Millions On Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram While Advertising & Building Your Personal Brand – Robert Miller writes, ‘It doesn’t matter what social media platforms your business favors, the time and marketing budget spent there can reap immense rewards, but only if the company’s social media presence is handled properly. If you are looking for the best way to dip your foot into this marketing goldmine, then Social Media Marketing 2019: How to Become an Influencer Of Millions On Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram While Advertising & Building Your Personal Brand is the book you have been waiting for.’ – Rating: 3 Stars
  11. Social Media Marketing for the Future: Strategies for 2020 & Beyond: Stay Ahead of the Competition. Leverage Changing Online Trends to Grow Your Business – According to J.E. Ford, ‘Social media marketing is not an option anymore. Your customers—no matter who they are—expect you to reach them the way they communicate. The vast majority of companies have inadequate social media marketing strategies. Most companies are playing catch-up with current digital marketing trends and their strategies will be outdated by the time the company has mastered them.’ – Rating: 3 Stars
  12. Social Media Marketing: Step by Step Instructions For Advertising Your Business on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Various Other Platforms – Noah Gray writes, ‘If you are ready to improve your business through social media marketing, this book will provide you with everything you need. Read now on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device.’ – Rating: 3 Stars
  13. Social Media Marketing Tips 2019: Build your Brand and Become an Expert in Digital Networking & Personal Branding, create your Business with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter – Jason Miller writes, ‘This book includes the top tips to help you improve, grow and master your Social Media Marketing skills. Change the way that you market your business! It doesn’t matter what social media platforms your business favors, the time and marketing budget spent there can reap immense rewards, but only if the company’s social media presence is handled properly. If you are looking for the best way to dip your foot into this marketing goldmine, then this book is exactly what you need!’ – Rating: 3 Stars
  14. Social Media Marketing 2019: Advertising Guide for Your Business on Instagram and Facebook – Tony Pierce writes, ‘If you want to know how to advertise your product/service/page at Facebook and Instagram, then keep reading… I don’t think I need to tell you how big social media is. Social media is the fastest-growing trend in the history of the world. This sector has grown faster than the Internet itself.’ – Rating: 3 Stars
  15. The 8 Pillars of Social Media Marketing in 2019: Learn How to Transform Your Online Marketing Strategy For Maximum Growth with Minimum Investment – Matthew Bartnik writes, ‘81% of the Population of the USA are active social media users. That is a captive audience of over 250 million people in the US alone. And now, worldwide almost half the world is on social media in some form. Never in the history of the world have people been more accessible. Never have you had more ability to zero in on your target market (no matter how small of a niche they are), find them, and market to them. However, the competition has never been greater. ‘ – Rating: 3 Stars
  16. Social Media Marketing #2019: 3 in 1 – Secret Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter Strategies for Making a killer Profit with Personal Branding, Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping – Ronald Roberts writes, ‘Would you like to master the art of grasping your customers’ interest through social networks more than ever before? Or find out how to take your social media advertising skills to the next level? Are you looking to grow your brand and business more efficiently and expeditiously? Then you’re in luck!’ – Rating: 3 Stars
  17. Social Media Marketing 2019: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Social Media Marketing Strategies on How to Gain a Massive Following on Facebook, Instagram – Gavin Turner writes, ‘If you want to discover how to leverage the power of social media with Social Media Marketing in 2019 to help you make more sales and achieve your business goals, keep reading… Did you know: The number of people spending time on the Internet has grown to 4.4 billion, there had been a 9% increase in active social media users in 2019 – translating to over 3.5 billion users. The average person spends 142 minutes of their day using social media.’ – Rating: 3 Stars
  18. Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners: How to Use Paid Advertising and Sales Funnels on Facebook & Instagram for Maximum Revenue Growth in 2020 – Mark Warner writes, ‘As a small business owner, you´re busy all day. You realize you need to put some time and effort in automating your sales funnel to have a more stable and predictable sales. You consider using Facebook or Instagram. But you don´t have time to figure everything out on your own. And you´re budget doesn´t allow you to hire an Ad Agency either. If you´re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to use these platforms … and you want to automate your Sales Funnel for your business on a tight budget … then you´ve come to the right place.’ – Rating: 3 Stars
  19. Social Media Marketing Mastery 2019:3 BOOKS IN 1-How to Build a Brand and Become an Expert Influencer Using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram – According to Robert Miller, ‘This collection includes the top books to help you improve, grow and master your Social Media Marketing skills. Change the way that you market your business! It doesn’t matter what social media platforms your business favors, the time and marketing budget spent there can reap immense rewards, but only if the company’s social media presence is handled properly.’ – Rating: 3 Stars
  20. Marketing Playbook for Social Media: Using Social Media to Drive Sales and Build Brand – By Mark Lamplaugh. This book contains helpful information about how to use social media to promote your business and boost your sales! The information in this book will help you to create and grow a strong social media presence for your business that will allow you to obtain the all the potential that social media has to offer. Social Media is being highly adopted by the wider population therefore it is imperative to deliver the right message to the right platform. – Rating: 2 Stars

A Strategy for Social Media Marketing in 2019

Ok, before you buy all the books, consult the complete list in the Social Media Marketing Toolbook. Step back for a moment, and think about the big picture. Here are some steps. First, write down your marketing goals. Who are your customers? What do they want? How does what you sell match what they need? Second, figure out the keyword connection points. Social Media is all about the connection points – why they care about what you have, and why they’ll SHARE your marketing message. It’s more about your customers’ needs than about you. Third, content content content – you need to generate a lot of quality content to make social media work; choose one or just a couple networks (e.g., Instagram and Facebook not Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace (OK, not MySpace)… Less is more. Fourth, have FUN. If it’s not fun (even LinkedIn), it won’t really work. Finally, if you’d like to suggest a social media marketing book for my 2019 list of the best social media books, please just email me your suggestion with a link to Amazon. Thanks!

Updated: January 5, 2018

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