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Jason McDonald

We offer SEO Training Online as well as classes and courses (also online)AdWords Certified Consulting Company - San Jose, California in Google AdWords and Social Media Marketing. Beyond that, we have massively popular books on SEO, Social Media Marketing, AdWords, and Job Search. The JM Internet Group is a Google certified partner.

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Jason McDonald

Free Classes

  • Free SEO Tools Webinar
  • Social Media Free Tools
  • AdWords Tutorial
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Jason McDonald

Great Books

  • Social Media Workbook
  • SEO Fitness Workbook
  • Job Search & Career-building
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Jason McDonald


  • SEO Consulting
  • Social Media Consulting
  • AdWords Consulting
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Jason McDonald

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If you’ve purchased a one of our books such as the SEO Fitness Workbook, the Social Media Workbook, the Job Search & Career-building Workbook or other workbooks on Facebook, Twitter, etc., please register your book for access to a) a full-color PDF copy of your workbook, b) the companion Toolbook for SEO, Social Media, AdWords, or Job Search with hundreds of free tools, c) Jason’s step-by-step worksheets, and d) his secret dashboard with easy, clickable links to his favorite free tools.

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Books on SEO | Social Media | AdWords | Job Search

We love to read, and hope you do, too! Our books cover search engine optimization, AdWords, social media marketing, and job search / career-building. All focus on using the Internet (both search and social) to promote your products, services, or (in the case of job search) yourself. We have a new password book out for Fall, 2017, and don’t miss our popular list of the best SEO books as well as our new list of the best social media marketing books and an even newer list of AdWords books.
books on SEO, social media marketing, and job search

SEO Training Online

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is the art and science of getting your company, product, or service to the top of Google and Bing. Our top-rated online SEO course begins with our free webinar, “Top Ten Free SEO tools,” and continues step-by-step from keywords to page tags to link-building and beyond. Students come to us looking for top-rated New York SEO training or Chicago SEO classes or even Houston SEO Training (using our directory of continuing education programs)… but realize that learning SEO online is an amazing substitute. Read JM Internet Group reviews to learn more.
SEO Training

News & Blog

Read the JM Internet Group Blog and press releases to keep you up-to-date on the fast-changing worlds of SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords. Here are some of our most recent posts.

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Social Media Training

Are you searching for a class on Twitter marketing or Facebook marketing? We have students take our online social media training from cities as diverse as New York, NY to Chicago, IL to Houston, TX. But wherever you are, the reality is that your customers are using social media sites to find business products and services; by taking our online social media marketing class, you’ll learn how to reach those customers where they are hanging out. Don’t miss our Social Media – Top Ten Free Tools – free ‘on demand’ webinar. Our reviews prove it: we provide the best social media training available online.Social Media Training

AdWords Training

Google AdWords is a fantastic online advertising opportunity, but AdWords is complex and confusing. Google has many free, official AdWords trainings, but those classes are salesy. Our online AdWords training offers objective, top-rated third-party advice in one of the best AdWords classes that you won’t find in an official Google AdWords training whether it’s a NYC AdWords class or a class on AdWords in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston or any other city in the world. Don’t miss our free AdWords Tutorial – a free ‘on demand’ AdWords class!
AdWords Training


We are a top-rated San Jose SEO company, and help companies get to the top of Google. Our method is to do SEO WITH you, and not FOR you. Based on our teaching methodology, we offer a transparent method of search engine optimization, so that as our consulting client, you have detailed performance metrics and know what’s going on. We also offer social media marketing consulting and AdWords consulting, so that the three pillars of Internet marketing (SEO, Social Media, and AdWords) are available to your marketing efforts. We also provide in-person workshops.
Consulting Firm

Popular Topics

As teachers, we get the same questions over and over and over again. But – hey- that’s OK. Here are some of the more popular topics, evergreen sort of things. How do you get indexed on Google? Do you have a local New York City SEO training class? Or, how do you use the Google keyword planner?
  • AdWords Coupons – how do you get free AdWords coupons? Read this informative tutorial, that’s how!
  • SEO Conferences – our list of the best conferences on search engine optimization.
  • SEO Tutorials – the best tutorials on search engine optimization.
  • Our Books and Book Lists – read Jason’s books on SEO, AdWords, and/or Social Media Marketing, or browse his lists of SEO Books, AdWords Books, and best Social Media Marketing Books.
  • Keyword Planner – how to use the (new) Google keyword planner, without going completely crazy.
  • The JM New Media Scholarship: SEO, Social Media & AdWords – new for 2016-2017, our scholarship for High School Seniors or scholarship for college Freshmen on the topic of Internet marketing.

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