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The JM Internet Group publishes incredibly popular books on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads (AdWords) and digital marketing generally.

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Books on SEO | Social Media | Google Ads | Marketing

We love books, and hope you do, too! Our books cover search engine optimization, Google Ads (AdWords), social media marketing, and marketing concepts. All focus on using the Internet (both search and social) to promote your products, services, or (in the case of job search) yourself. We have a phenomenal marketing book if you’re looking for basic digital marketing concepts and a free marketing almanac of tools.
books on SEO, social media marketing, and Google Ads

Book Lists

Looking for the best books on digital marketing? We scour the Internet and Amazon to identify the best books topic-by-topic. For example, we have lists on the best SEO books as well as a new list of the best social media marketing books (alternatively this list of books on social media marketing) and an even newer list of best books on Google Ads or AdWords. Stay tuned for lists on the best marketing books as well as affiliate marketing. Plus we’ve been featured in booklists such as the best books on search engine optimization 2021 or the best books on Google Ads. Enjoy!
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Popular Topics

As teachers, we get the same questions over and over and over again. But – hey- that’s OK. Here are some of our lists of the best of the best, evergreen sort of things. AdWords Coupons – how do you get free AdWords coupons? Read this informative tutorial, that’s how! SEO Conferences – our list of the best conferences on search engine optimization, and of course SEO Tutorials. Don’t miss our own Social Media Marketing Tutorial 2020

PAA: People Also Ask, How To’s, and What Is’s

People ask Jason a lot of questions. And he gives a lot of answers. For that reason, we have a new series called PAA (People Also Ask) on YouTube and our blog. Here, you can find answers to your questions including how to’s and what is’s, as in ‘How do You Calculate CTR,’ ‘Why is Social Media Marketing Important for Business?,’ or ‘Are Google Ads Worth the Money?
People Also Ask

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Read the JM Internet Group Blog and press releases to keep you up-to-date on the fast-changing worlds of SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google Ads / AdWords. Here are some of our most recent posts.

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