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Social Media is quite different from social media marketing. The former is using social media, and the latter is learning to use it to market your company. Jason compares it to the difference between attending a party, and throwing a party. As a top Social Media consulting firm, we can help you learn how to market on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms. Simply call us at +1-510-894-6791 (Outside the USA, please call +1-510-894-6792) or email us for a free social media consultation!

Social Media Marketing Consulting: Typical Milestones

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  • Goal Assessment – what are your Social Media goals? It is to drive web traffic? Is it to get registrations? Is it to get “click-and-buy” actions? Without a clear idea of your goals, you will never know if you succeed.
  • Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace – these fundamental social media websites can be a great fit for expanding your brand. But they also may be unnecessary. I work with my clients to identify the best social media venues, and to overcome social media guilt; you do not need to do them all – just the ones that really benefit your company.
  • Social Media Monitoring – Social Media are a great way to listen to your customers. I can work with you on a monitoring plan in order to listen to your customers, and use Social Media as a means for researching your customers.
  • Twitter – Twitter is the darling of the moment. If you do not Twitter, I can help you Tweet. If you do, I can help you Tweet better. If Twitter is not for you and your company, I can advise you as to why.
  • Blogging – Blogging is the oldest and most mature Social Media opportunity. I can help you set up a blog, and more importantly advise you on what to blog about for maximum traffic. My SEO expertise fits nicely with blogging as well.
  • Local Search – Google Local (Google Places) and Yelp are tremendous local search as well as social media opportunities – I can advise you on how best to engage in the local search opportunity.
  • Youtube – Youtube has a special relationship with Google, and I can advise you on setting up appropriate Youtube videos as well as a Youtube channel.