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Google Ads (formerly, AdWords), of course, is Google’s pay-per-click program. Unfortunately, as Jason explains in his books on AdWords, Google Ads can often cost you a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing. By working with the JM Internet Group as top-rated AdWords consulting firm, you can vastly improve your AdWords return on investment (ROI).

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Google Ads / AdWords Consulting Milestones

Typical milestones for an project by us as an AdWords consulting firm would include:AdWords Consulting

  • Keywords – identifying your best Google AdWords keywords. Keywords are absolutely fundamental not just to AdWords / PPC but to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and I will work with you on AdWords to identify not just keywords but ‘late stage’ or ‘buy’ keywords.


  • Bids and Budgeting – helping you figure out the best bidding strategies.
  • AdWords Organizating – the organization of AdWords is critical, not just for reporting’s sake but also for best Quality Score. I will help you organize your campaign for best results.
  • Content / Display Network – Google’s display or content network can be a powerful tool to help you find new customers. But, used poorly it can gobbleup your budget. I will work with you to help organize your campaign to best leverage the Google Content / Display network.
  • AdWords Landing Pages – what happens once someone lands on your site after an ad? I will help you create powerful landing pages for your Google AdWords ads, and thereby help you convert clicks to sales leads!