To consult comes from the early 16th century (in the sense ‘deliberate together, confer’): from French consulter, from Latin consultare, frequentative of consulere ‘take counsel.’ At the JM Internet Group, we take consulting seriously. In fact, our corporate tagline is:

We do SEO with you, not for you.

This is a very important distinction. While many SEO consulting firms seek to keep their clients in the dark, and in a state of dependency, our method is to engage and educate our clients. In fact, if you aren’t motivated to participate, we really aren’t eager to work with you.SEO Consulting Firm

And of course we aren’t just a top-rated SEO consulting firm.  We also offer social media consulting and Google AdWords consulting services. If it involves ‘Internet Marketing,’ we have a ‘YES WE CAN’ attitude.  Just call!

But if you do want to understand the games of SEO, Social Media Marketing, and/or AdWords, we can teach you how and as consultants we can thoroughly guide you on your path to success.  Use this page to explore our consulting options, or just call our firm at 510-894-6791 or email us today!

Learn More about Our Consulting Services

  • SEO Consulting – work in-depth with our SEO expert consultants on search engine optimization.
  • Social Media Consulting – let us help you build, and execute, a social media plan – including Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, YouTube marketing and other types of social media (including Yelp and Google+ Local).
  • AdWords Consulting – we are AdWords experts and can consult with you on how to use AdWords for the highest ROI.