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Five ways AdWords wastes your money, and how to avoid them (May, 2014)

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AdWords Gotchas: Improve your Return on Investment in AdWords

  1. AdWords BookThe BIG Contradiction – Google makes money off of ‘clicks’ (as users click from Google to your website), but you make money off of ‘conversions’ (sales or sales leads). AdWords is designed for Google, by Google – NOT for the small business marketer.
  2. AdWords Gotchas – Learn the five AdWords gotchas, starting with ‘keyword match types’ (did you know you can be wasting money on bad keywords?) to ‘the display network’ (if you haven’t heard of it, you are probably running on it to your detriment) to ‘alternatives’ (did you know that SEO, Facebook, or LinkedIn may be better values?).
  3. Save Money – AdWords can be a great way to reach customers, but it can also be an endless money pit. By learning the five ‘AdWords Gotchas,’ and avoiding them, you’ll end up being a more efficient advertiser!

AdWords Gotchas: Contents

Google AdWords, of course, is Google’s pay-per-click advertising system. Explained in a simple way, advertisers define their keywords, bid the maximum price that they will pay to get a “click” from Google to their website, and if they outbid competitors, their ads show on relevant Google searches. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?But as with so many things about Google and the world of online Internet marketing, things are not as simple as they seem. The Google AdWords platform has five defined ‘gotchas’ that may be costing you a LOT of money without you even realizing it. One of the worst ones is ‘Keyword Match Types,’ in which you simply enter your keywords into AdWords without adding modifiers such as quotation marks, plus signs, or brackets… thinking that Google will do a good job ‘matching’ your keywords to relevant ads. This may be true, but many times it is not: bad match types can cost you a small fortune. Another common ‘gotchas’ is Google’s Display Network.‘ Contrary to popular belief, advertising on AdWords often means advertising not only on Google but on parked domains, error pages, and many sites whose sole purpose is to rack up nefarious clicks costing you a lot of money.Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, and friends don’t let friends advertise on AdWords without understanding the hidden ‘gotchas’ lurking in the Googleplex.
~ Publication Date: May, 2014Contents – all linked to amazing, free SEO tool across the Web!

  1. Keywords – understanding “match types” in AdWords.
  2. The Display Network – Google’s somewhat secret alternative network and how it can cost you a lot of money.
  3. Enhanced Campaigns – if you’ve read George Orwell, you’re ready for enhanced campaigns and how they can get your ads in places you don’t really want them to be.
  4. Ad Copy –how to write ads that not only attract your customers but repel your non-customers.
  5. Beyond AdWords – failure to consider alternatives such as SEO, Social Media, and alternative ad platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn can be a colossal mistake.
  6. AdWords Resources – top picks for learning more about AdWords, both official Google and non-official resources online.