The Art of the Deal (er) – a Book on Donald Trump’s Principles of Marketing

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The Art of the Deal (er) – An Unauthorized Book on Donald Trump’s (Non-Manifest) Principles of Marketing and How They Can Help (or Hurt) Small Businesses and Our Democracy
Adult Coloring Included

The Art of The Deal Er

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Published: December 31, 2016

    • Teacher, Teach Me
    • The No Judgement Zone
    • Book Mechanics
    • Follow the Trump
    • Ce n’est pas un Lapin
    • Don’t Let Reality Confuse You


    • The Internet is Its Own Reality
    • Use the Internet to Influence the “Real” Reality
    • Go from the Real to the Social (& Vice-Versa)
    • Know the Game
    • Know Your Goal
    • Project a Clear Brand Image
    • Be Authentic
    • Defend Your Brand
    • Write a Book
    • Choose Your Networks
    • Use Twitter (Or Else)
    • Use the Hashtag
    • Don’t Be Boring
    • Know Your Target Audience
    • Ignore Lost Souls
    • Newsjack the Media
    • Sow FUD
    • Emotions Trump Facts
    • Tell a Story, Not a Statistic
    • You’re Either the Cow, or the Cowboy
    • Deploy the Non-Factual Counterpunch
    • Reward Your Fans and Evangelists
    • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
    • A Trump Marketing Reader
    • Copyright and Disclaimer Notice

An UNAUTHORIZED BOOK about Donald Trump’s Principles of Marketing
The Art of the Deal (er) demystifies how Trump does marketing, and how his use of Internet marketing – social media marketing – in particular was key to his successful run for the President.
If you’ve been a citizen (legal or illegal) of these United States since November 8, 2016, you may have noticed…

…that Donald Trump “stole” the election of 2016, if by “stealing,” we mean the biggest “political upset” in America in since 1876 … using a lot of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, blog posts, and other social media marketing to do it…
… and, IF you have enough of an open mind to let go of any judgement as to whether Trump is good – or bad – for America, you may have wondered…what can the Wizard of Marketing, Donald J. Trump, teach you as a citizen about what’s wrong (or what’s right) with our democracy, and you as a businessperson about how to build your brand and market your business in the Internet Age, or how not to?
That, my friend, is what this book is about.

~ Jason McDonald, Author
~ Publication Date: December, 2016