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Thank You!

OK, you’ve taken the first step towards obtaining the incredible Marketing Almanac for free full of free tools, resources, videos, apps, videos, blogs, conferences and everything you need on digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and even Google Ads.

Next Steps

  1. Watch for an email from Gloria McNabb – with your COUPON for the Kindle edition. You’ll need this to zero out the cost of the book on Kindle.
  2. KINDLE: If you do NOT have a Kindle, don’t worry. You can access the book in a few easy ways –
    1. Use the easy Amazon Kindle cloud reader at
    2. Download it to your PC, Android Phone, or Iphone. Follow the links from Amazon here.
  3. Hate Kindle? Hate Amazon? We understand, but sorry, this program is for digital marketers and seriously, you need to be able to access Kindle to avail yourself of it. Alternatively, you can purchase the book in print format, here. The print price is “at cost” at just $6.99.

Accessing the Companion PDF

  1. Once you have the Kindle version, follow the easy instructions to access the companion PDF after registration, here. Note: you need the passcode available inside the Kindle!

Got Questions?

  1. Contact us via email here or call 800-298-4065.