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Social Media Book - Social Media Marketing Toolbook

Updated July, 2015

Social Media Marketing and FREE tools go together like peas and carrots. Newly updated – JULY, 2015 – the Social Media Toolbook compiles hundreds of free Facebook marketing tools, YouTube tools, Pinterest tools, Twitter tools and yes, Virginia, even Google+ tools into one simple edition. At your fingertips are amazing and free tools to help you be a better marketer on Pinterest or Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter… It even identifies tools for monitoring your reputation online, the best social media publications and trade shows.

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  • UPDATED, JULY 2015. Newly updated with fantastic, new free tools, this edition covers content marketing, Pinterest, and Instagram as well as major sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • FREE Social Media Marketing Tools. The Toolbook identifies hundreds of FREE social media tools – Twitter tools, Facebook tools, LinkedIn Tools, Google+ tools – all at your fingertips, for FREE.Social Media Toolbook – all up-to-date as of July, 2015
  • SYSTEMATIC: A Systematic Approach to SMM. Part of the JM Internet Group’s classes and courses on social media marketing, the Social Media Toolbook builds on the company’s ‘hands-on’ methodology of success.

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