SEO Workbook, 2022

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  • SEO Workbook (PDF Version – 2022 Edition!) – tip: use the PDF version so you can easily “click” on any relevant link as opposed to having to manually enter the URL into your web browser.
  • Marketing Almanac – a cornucopia of FREE tools for SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media!
  • SEO DASHBOARD – Jason’s favorite quick links to free SEO tools!


Jason-as-therapist to help you figure out your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy

NOTE: “RIGHT CLICK” to download each file.

  • Business Value Proposition Worksheet (Big Picture) – PDF | WORD
  • Content Marketing Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Marketing Goals Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Keyword Brainstorm Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Keyword Worksheet (Excel Only!) – XLS – RIGHT CLICK > Download to your computer
  • Page Tag Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Home Page Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Website Structure Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Content Marketing Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Press Release Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Link Building Worksheet- PDF | WORD
  • Social Media SEO Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Local SEO Worksheet – PDF | WORD
    • Local Research Worksheet – PDF | WORD
    • Local Reviews Worksheet – PDF | WORD
    • Local Marketing Plan Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Google Analytics Worksheet – PDF | WORD


Test your knowledge of SEO!

  • Goals – verify your grasp of your BVP and the goals of your website or SEO project.’
  • Keywords – double check if you know the differences between “educational” and “transactional” keywords as you build out your keyword targets.
  • Page Tags – do you know how to “speak Google?” Test your knowledge of HTML page tags for SEO.
  • Website Structure – test your knowledge of home pages, landing pages, footers, and more.
  • Content Marketing – practice your knowledge of the “new SEO” or rather what’s new in it, and what’s not in terms of content.
  • Link-Building – links are like votes. Or, are they?
  • Social Media – social media isn’t just for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It’s also for SEO. Get it?
  • Local SEO – reviews and local SEO matter a lot for a local business. Test your local knowledge.
  • Metrics – test your knowledge of Google Analytics as well as other KPI measurement tools.