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Here’s how to get the best AdWords coupons codes on the Web. It’s not easy, but let us guide you step by step. Note that in most cases, you can only get AdWords coupon codes for a new account. In our experience, it is not easy to get them for existing accounts. Many ad agencies, however, can get Google to give them coupon codes for new accounts. Note: this list comes out of our popular AdWords Book, available on Amazon.

#1 Method: Get Free $75 / $100 AdWords Coupons

If you are just starting out on AdWords, here are the free AdWords coupon offers from Google that you can use as a new advertiser. You can save up to $100 or $75 on AdWords advertising, depending on which coupons or vouchers are available at any given time.  Here are my favorites (updated February 26, 2018)

  1. AdWords Coupon – get $75 back when you spend $100.
  2. Google Christmas ? AdWords Coupon – spend $25 and get $75 in credit.AdWords Book 2018
  3. Google Grants for Nonprofit. If you’re a nonprofit, this is a program to help nonprofits with free advertising on Google; no coupon required!

#2 Method: Call & Beg for a Free $100 or $75 AdWords Coupon or Voucher

You have to be new to AdWords, or at least not yet have started your ads.  But another tactic is simply to call Google AdWords support at 877-906-7955 and ask for a free coupon. Tell them something like someone told you there were coupons, but you lost yours or didn’t quite get the offer (as for example, you heard a radio ad). You can also visit AdWords technical support, here, and remember – just ask for a coupon. Generally, if you’re a new advertiser and you’re nice… they’ll give you a coupon if you ask. Oh, and if you’re having trouble redeeming your code, you can read the Google help file, here.

#3 Method: Other Free AdWords Resources to Check out

Besides coupons and vouchers for Google AdWords, there are number of other free resources to help get you started with Google AdWords. (Don’t forget to do some simple Google searches for up-to-date AdWords coupons, as in ‘free AdWords coupons on / within the last year‘ or the same search on Bing (ironically, Bing is a good way to search Google to find those $100, $75 coupon codes for AdWords advertising)).

  • Learn with Google. This is an OFFICIAL Google resource on getting started with AdWords.  Lots of useful stuff here, but remember, Google has a vested interest in getting you to spend as much money as possible on AdWords. So it’s pretty salesy.  You should also check out the OFFICIAL Google AdWords help files, here.
  • AdWords Webinars. These are more advanced, but free, webinars by Google about AdWords.  Pretty technical in nature.
  • Google Partners Program.  Pretend you are an “agency” and get access to in-depth information and tutorials about AdWords. Even more technical than the one above.
AdWords Coupons and Coupon Codes
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