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AdWords Book

NOTE: As of August, 2017, Google is forcing an “upgrade” to the AdWords interface in “beta” format. This book references the OLD interface. To revert to it in AdWords:

  1. Click on the THREE DOTS in the top right of the screen.
  2. Select “Return to Previous AdWords.”

The 2018 edition of the AdWords Workbook will use the NEW interface as by that time (hopefully) Google will have stabilized the interface out of “beta.”

Thank you for registering your copy of the AdWords Workbook 2017 ! Use this page to download a PDF copy of the Workbook, plus access supporting worksheets and the tools dashboard. Updated: August 15, 2017

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Available for Instant Download

  • AdWords Workbook – the 2017 PDF version of the workbook – updated August, 2017.
  • AdWords Toolbook (2017 Updated Edition) – click here for your free copy, with hundreds of free social media marketing tools.
  • Jason’s AdWords Dashboard – quick & easy links to the FREE tools.
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AdWords Worksheets

Jason-as-therapist to help you figure out your AdWords strategy

  • AdWords Gotcha Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • AdWords Keyword Brainstorm Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • AdWords Keyword Worksheet – XLS (Excel Only)
  • AdWords Strategy Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • AdWords Search Network Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • AdWords Display Network Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • YouTube Advertising Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • AdWords Metric Worksheet – PDF | WORD