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Google Ads (AdWords) Workbook

Thank you for registering your copy of the Google Ads (AdWords) Workbook 2019! Use this page to download a PDF copy of the Workbook, plus access supporting worksheets and the tools dashboard. Updated: February, 2019

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Google Ads / AdWords Worksheets

Jason-as-therapist to help you figure out your AdWords strategy

  • AdWords Gotcha Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • AdWords Keyword Brainstorm Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • AdWords Keyword Worksheet – XLS (Excel Only)
  • AdWords Strategy Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • AdWords Search Network Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • AdWords Display Network Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • AdWords Shopping Campaigns Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • YouTube Advertising Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • AdWords Metric Worksheet – PDF | WORD