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Metrics is the final segment of our SEO training course. Being highly visible on Google and other search engines is critically important in today’s business environment. Companies that score at the top for Google searches (especially those by their target customers) have a clear marketing advantage. This SEO training class explains not only how to calculate your SERP rank but also how to determine where you stand by keywords vs. competitors. We also leverage this knowledge into your PPC (pay-per-click) Google AdWords strategy, if appropriate.

  • Basics. Rank – why it matters. The Google flow. Keywords are fundamental. Understanding the long tail of keywords vs. your SERP rank.
  • SEO Rank Metrics. Measuring your rank by hand. Using free tools (such as SEO Rank Checker for Firefox) to measure your rank in a systematic way. Reverse engineering your competitors by monitoring their rank for your target keywords.
  • Rank Checker by SEObook. Using this free rank-checking tool. Exporting the data to excel. Setting up an automatic measurement of your rank, and setting up the tool to be Google friendly.
  • Rank vs. PPC Advertising. Google AdWords does not let you easily measure your SERP rank vs. your advertising efforts. Deploying the free tools to optimize your PPC advertising, and save yourself thousands of dollars on an AdWords campaign.
  • Questions and Answers. Questions from class participants, and answers from Dr. Jason McDonald on search engine optimization and keywords.

Why Our Online SEO Rank Class is Superior to a Face-to-face Class. Many students come to us looking for a face-to-face SEO class experience in metrics, including SERP measurement. For groups of three or more, we do provide that service – simply email us for a quote. However, for most people especially in big cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago or even New York City, an online training experience can be very competitive. Why? Because when you learn how and why to measure your rank on Google, our classes explain this using computers. You stare at your computer; the instructor stares at his. You can do this much more efficiently online than in a New York or Los Angeles SEO Class.