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SEO Training Online
SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimization‘ is the art and science of getting to the top of Google. Our SEO training online starts with the basic concepts of SEO and then proceeds systematically step-by-step from keywords to page tags to link building to Google Analytics. The purpose of the  online SEO course is to teach you a method of search engine optimization success. Based on Jason’s SEO Fitness Workbook, the online SEO course is a hands-on, in-depth training in the secrets of search engine optimization. Note: you can take this course either LIVE or ‘on demand’ via video format. In either case, it walks you through SEO step-by-step and has full support via email and phone by Jason McDonald, resident SEO expert.

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SEO Training Course Module: Learn Search Engine Optimization in 7 Classes

  • Keywords: Identifying Great Keywords for SEO – Identify customer-centric keywords and begin to build your keyword worksheet for SEO purposes.
  • Page Tags: Learning to ‘Speak Google’ for SEO – learn the best HTML page tags that can impact your ‘on page’ SEO strategy.
  • Link Building: Understand what links are, why they matter, and (most importantly) how to get links to your website, all in a post-Penguin environment.
  • Content Marketing for SEO: grasp the importance of press releases and blog posts as a ‘freshness’ signal to Google and Bing.
  • Webmaster Tools: being organized is a real virtue when it comes to search engine optimization, so learn how to organize a Google- and Bing-friendly website.
  • Google Rank and Workshop – understand why rank (still) matters for SEO, how to measure it, and how to deploy it for best advantage – plus we focus on ‘student volunteer’ websites during this fun-filled session.
  • Google Analytics & Metrics: Measuring SEO performance with Google Analytics – comprehend the awesome power of Google Analytics, despite its hard-to-use interface.

Add-on Online Class: Local Search Engine Optimization

  • Add Local SEO – as many companies are interested primarily in Local Search (Google Places, AdWords Express, Yelp, Citysearch) and Product Search (Google Merchant Center) – you can add just our intensive single session course, focusing on the in’s and out’s of effective local search optimization -i.e., how to get to the top of Google Places, Yelp, Google Merchant Center, etc. (Extra Charge)
SEO Training Online
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