SEO Fitness Workbook

Jason McDonald - Director, JM Internet GroupHere are my top picks in each category for tools and learning resourcesfor SEO, SMM (Social Media Marketing), and AdWords (PPC). This is a dashboard is primarily for my students, but I’m all about learning, so feel feel free to share it with your friends, family, and business collegues at And, if you know of a cool tool, email me!

~ Jason McDonald

Available Materials


Jason-as-therapist to help you figure out your SEO strategy

  • Business Value Proposition Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Keyword Brainstorm Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Keyword Worksheet (Excel Only!) – XLS
  • Page Tag Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Home Page Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Website Structure Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Content Marketing Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Press Release Worksheet – PDF | WORD
  • Link Building Worksheet- PDF | WORD