Link Building

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Our third class in the SEO Training course is on link-building. Getting links can seem like a very difficult process. Beyond asking friends and families, who would possibly want to link to you and your company? And why is SEO link-building so important, anyhow, since everyone just uses Google? The short answer is that links are a critical tool in a successful technology SEO strategy. And the long answer is that there are many ways to get high quality links. This SEO link building training / class is part of our intensive 7-sesison SEO training. New for 2015: we now cover post-Penguin link building strategies as well as social mentions.

  • Review. SEO basics. Keywords. Page tags, especially the syntax of the <A HREF> tag. On page vs. off page SEO factors.
  • Link Building Mechanics. Tag syntax, quantity vs. quality. Terms for understanding SEO links and link building.
  • Google PageRank. PageRank is Google’s “special sauce.” Understanding how to measure your PageRank vs. that of competitors. Putting PageRank to work for you in your SEO link building strategy.
  • Strategy. Identifying link targets. Building a list of target links. Measuring the popularity of websites vs. links, reverse engineering competitors and their links. Industry directories, Craig’s list, Google local for links.
  • News and New Media. Public relations objectives. Using the new new media like online news sources and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.) as part of an SEO link building strategy.
  • Social Mentions. Getting social mentions on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the blogosphere is the new link building. We cover this important new topic for 2015.
  • Post-Penguin. Link-building after the Penguin update is harder than ever. We illuminate post-Penguin link-building strategies.
  • Questions and Answers. Questions from class participants, and answers from Dr. Jason McDonald on search engine optimization and keywords.

Why Our Online SEO Link Building Class is Superior to a Face-to-face Class. Many students come to us looking for a face-to-face SEO class experience. For groups of three or more, we do provide that service – simply email us for a quote. However, for most people especially in big cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago or even New York City, an online link building class can be superior to a ‘real-world’ class. Why? First of all, consider what you do in a NYC seo class: stare at the computer. We can do that over the Internet, just as well, with the advantage of video recording the class and no commuting. Many students of ours search for Los Angeles link building (SEO) trainings only to find the online experience is superior. The same goes for our online class vs. a Houston seo class. Online wins!