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Free Google AdWords Coupons ($100 / $75) and Top Ten AdWords Tips & Tricks – Bonus Session of AdWords MOOC / Tutorial

AdWords can be your best friend, or your worst enemy! Start with our Free AdWords Tutorial, which explains the four basic AdWords gotchas that may be costing you a lot of money. And use the rest of the resources here to find not only free AdWords coupons or vouchers, but other top ten resources or free tools to help with your AdWords advertising (Pay-per-click) strategy. Free AdWords Coupons are a start – some call them $100 AdWords Coupons, others call them $75 AdWords Coupons and those in Europe and Canada… $100 Google AdWords Vouchers or $75 AdWords Vouchers for Google Advertising. Whatever you call it, if you are going to use Google AdWords, don’t just get a free coupon.

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AdWords Gotchas

Google AdWords has three major gotchas. Mistakes that can cost you a lot of money; more than you will save with your free $100 or $75 AdWords coupon. Starting with bad keyword match types, proceeding through the Display Network, and ending up in malformed strategy vis-a-vis SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Watch this informative video to learn more about how to properly use Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Free AdWords Tutorial (Learn the four AdWords Gotchas!)

Free $75 / $100 AdWords Coupons

If you are just starting out on AdWords, here are free AdWords coupon offers from Google that you can use as a new advertiser. You can save up to $100 or $75 on AdWords advertising depending on what coupon or voucher offers are live.

$100 credit after you spend $25 (Verified: 10/13/2013 | $100 credit after you spend $25 (Verified: 10/13/2013 – recommend you call and say you ‘lost your email’ with the credit, but can you get it anyway?) | $75 credit after you spend $25 (Verified: 10/28/2013) | $75 credit after you spend $25 (Verified: 10/13/2013) | $125 for $25 Coupon from Google AdWords (New Zealand, only: Verified: 10/2/2013) | $125 for $25 Coupon from Google AdWords (Australia, only: Verified: 10/2/2013)|

Free $75 / $100 AdWords Coupons

If none of the coupons for free Google AdWords advertising work… you can simply call Google AdWords at 877-906-7955 and ask. Most of the friendly folks at Google will simplygive you the $100 AdWords credit if you say something like, ‘Hey I heard that there is a $100 starter credit for new advertisers. How can I get that?’ You don’t ask; you don’t get. So just call Google and ask for a free voucher or credit. They’ll often oblige!

Call 877-906-7955 (USA Only)

AdWords Help

AdWords can be a maze. But there’s help on Google AdWords advertising if you know where to look. Inside AdWords it’s at the top right of the screen, but you can also get to it here –

AdWords Help

Learn With Google

Interested in learning more about AdWords? Similar to Google’s Conversion University for Analytics, this multimedia site is a fantastic venue of help articles and video explanations. Enter keywords and find useful video step-by-step explanations on AdWords features. You must be logged into AdWords to use it, however. Inside AdWords, click on the ‘help’ feature to find it, and look for the link to AdWords Classroom.

Learn With Google

Official AdWords Blog

The official blog for Google AdWords. It’s a bit more for sophisticated users than for newbiews, but – that said – you should pay attention to it if you are spending money with Google.

AdWords Blog

AdWords Certification

If you’d like to market yourself as an AdWords expert, and/or build your resume – you can use this service from Google to learn (and be certified) as an AdWords expert. Remember, however, that this is the official Google site so it teaches you the official ‘Party Line’ on AdWords – not always entirely accurate or objective.

AdWords Certification

Free AdWords Webinars

Like to learn? Keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest in AdWords with this list of upcoming LIVE webinars by Google on AdWords.

AdWords Webinars

AdWords Editor

According to Google – AdWords Editor is a free Google application for managing your AdWords campaigns. Use it to download your account, update your campaigns with powerful editing tools, then upload your changes to AdWords. Work offline, then upload your changes any time. Make bulk changes (such as updating bids or adding keywords) in just a few steps. Copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns. Navigate through…

AdWords Editor

AdWords Community

The official Google AdWords help community. Googlers and AdWords experts share help and advice. It’s a bit like going to the Mickey Mouse club of AdWords – everyone is a super positive pro-AdWords imagineer! Smile! Be Happy! But you can also learn stuff.

AdWords Community


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