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SEO Book - Free SEO Tools

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Spring, 2018, edition. Fully updated for 2018 – with new and exciting SEO tools, but bye-bye to dead tools..

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  • FREE SEO Tools to Dominate Google & Bing. This amazing resource book identifies hundreds of FREE tool for search engine optimization. Not available anywhere else!
  • SYSTEMATIC Approach. Part of the JM Internet Group’s ‘Seven Step’ methodology, the SEO Toolbook builds on a logical, step-by-step system to master SEO and get your company to the top of Google and Bing.
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SEO Toolbook: Learn More about the Toolbook

Search Engine Optimization or “SEO,” of course, is the art and science of getting your company or organization to the top of relevant searches on Google. SEO, in other words, is how smart people get free advertising on Google. Google, after all, is where customers go 24/7 to find companies, products, and services. Being on page one of Google, for free, or even better in one of the top three organic results on the search giant, means a free ad on Google running 24/7, a free ad appearing when potential customers search for your company, service or product.


What, my friend, could possibly be better than free advertising on Google? Free SEO Tools – that’s what. Better than free advertising on Google is using free SEO tools to get there in the first place. That’s what SEO Toolbook is all about: free tools to help you get to the top of Google’s free listings. Yes indeed there really is something better than free: free SEO tools.Wherever you are in your free Internet marketing journey – beginner, practitioner, or even expert – Free Google will delight you with a treasure trove of free blogs, tools, tricks and tips about getting something for nothing from the mighty search giant.


Content – all linked to amazing, free SEO tool across the Web!

  • Introduction – Welcome to SEO Toolbook!
  • Keywords – Tools for defining effective SEO-friendly keywords.
  • Page Tags – Tools to help you understand how page tags work with your keywords for better SEO.
  • Link Building – Tools and resources to reverse engineer competitor’s links and build out your own link-building strategy.
  • Press Releases – free and paid press release services for Press Release SEO.
  • Blogs – tips, tools, and resources for better blogging.
  • Rank – tools to measure your rank on Google and Bing systematically, and for free!
  • Website Structure – tools that go beyond just Google Webmaster tools to help you create and maintain an SEO-friendly website.
  • Local Search – tools to help you optimize your website for Google+ Local and local search engine optimization.
  • Google+ – a special focus on the in’s and out’s of working with Google+ for SEO purposes.
  • Metrics – tools to help you measure your performance over time.
  • Media – the top ‘stay informed’ websites, blogs, and portals about SEO.