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Twitter Marketing Book

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The Twitter Marketing Workbook is your hands-on guide to the mystery and insanity of marketing on Twitter. Do you Tweet? Should you? What’s the difference between a hashtag and a handle? Is anyone using Twitter besides Ellen Degeneres and Donald Trump? Is there more to Twitter than just news and pop culture? Explore these mysteries and learn how to market your business on Twitter with this useful hands-on guide.

Twitter Marketing Workbook, 2016: How to Market Your Business on Twitter

  • Updated for 2015 / 2016. Fully updated with new information on how best to market on Twitter – from @ signs to #hashtags and everything in between.
  • Twitter Marketing Step by Step. An explanation of how Twitter works as a marketing tool, how to research your competition on Twitter, how to set up and optimize your business Twitter page, and more.
  • Tweeting Strategy. Creating great content is the first step, and knowing how to tweet it is the second. The TWITTER MARKETING WORKBOOK explains how to find other people’s content to tweet and how to create your own content for Twitter.
  • Free Twitter Tools. As part of Jason’s SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLBOOK, you get complete access to not only FREE Twitter tools but hundreds of FREE social media tools as well – a $29.99 value!

Twitter Marketing Workbook: Learn More about the Book

Fully revised and updated for 2016, this workbook not only explains how to market on Twitter but also provides access to free Twitter marketing tools. It provides overviews, step-by-step instructions, tips and secrets, free tools for Twitter marketing, and (wait, there’s more!) access to worksheets that will help you build a systematic Twitter marketing plan. Even better, if you register your copy, you also get access to my complete Social Media Toolbook, with literally hundreds of free social media marketing tools to turbocharge your social media marketing not just on Twitter but also on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and other major social media platforms.

It slices, it dices. It explains how to Twitter works. It gives you free tools. And it helps you make a Twitter marketing plan.

~ Jason McDonald, Author

~ Keywords: Twitter Marketing, Twitter Book
~ Publication Date: August, 2015