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Are you a returning student? Use the form below to SIGN UP for our training. Remember, there are three modules –

  • SEO Module – 7 classes on search engine optimization.
    • Local SEO – 1 ‘add on’ class on local SEO / social media marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing – 3 classes on social media marketing, such as Facebook marketing, Twitter, Yelp / local, YouTube, and more! (Includes ‘Local SEO’ class)
  • AdWords – 2 classes on Google AdWords, starting with the search network and going thru the display network, while avoiding ‘AdWords Gotchas’

To make it simple for returning students, you may sign up for all three course modules using the very special discount below. Then, just take the classes you want (all or just one module). Check the schedule for live class times, or you can take the series in video format. NOTE: to qualify for this discount you must be a returning student within one year and/or have received pre-authorization from us. Request Pre-Authorization: Simply call us at +1-800-298-4065 x 0 or email us.


  • Via ONLINE FORM: Fill out the form below to sign up for paid classes;or
  • Via HUMAN INTERACTION: Call +1-800-298-4065 and we can process a credit card over the phone; or
  • Via ANCIENT FAX TECHNOLOGY: Click here to download a PDF / faxable form and then fax payment information to us.

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