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Use the form below to sign up for our training. Remember, there are three modules –

  • SEO Module – 7 classes on search engine optimization. Cost is $295.
  • Local SEO – 1 ‘add on’ class on local SEO / social media marketing. Cost is $50.
  • Social Media Marketing – 3 classes on social media marketing, such as Facebook marketing, Twitter, Yelp / local, YouTube, and more!
  • AdWords – 2 classes on Google AdWords, starting with the search network and going thru the display network, while avoiding ‘AdWords Gotchas’

Most people sign up for everything – SEO, AdWords, and Social Media (12 classes = $545) – to get the best discount, and learn ALL there is on Internet marketing. Got questions? Simply call us at +1-800-298-4065 x 0


Fill out the form below to sign up for paid classes, or call +1-800-298-4065 and we can process a credit card over the phone. Check the schedule for live class times, or you can take the series in video format.

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