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Our next class in our SEO training course is on SEO-friendly blogging and the proper use of press releases for SEO. It used to be that we created news just for editors and for the print magazines. Now, in contrast, you can use free press release services to ‘syndicate’ your company’s news for search engine optimization. Google and Bing love blogs and news, and they really love free press release syndication. This class teaches you the new news about blogging and press releases: how to blog for SEO, and how to use free news services and news for effective search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Basics. Old school vs. new school pr (public relations). If you don’t like the news, go out and make some! Strategies for the best SEO friendly news content. How does Google handle news and blogs?
  • On Page Factors. Setting up your press releases to be search engine friendly. Employing the page tags and keyword densities that match your customer-centric keywords. Thinking keywords, first, and news second, and not the other way around!
  • News Setup. Your website structure matters! Setting up an SEO friendly news page. Using Adobe PDF wisely. Creating an effective HTML structure between your news page, news releases, and Adobe PDF (if used).
  • Off Page News Strategy. Getting your press releases picked up by Google. Syndicating your news release via paid and free PR news services. Blogs and blogging. New media like Twitter and Youtube that can leverage your news for SEO traction.
  • SEO-Friendly Blogging. Understanding why blogs are great for SEO, how to build an SEO-friendly blog, and how to leverage your blog for ‘long tail’ keywords SEO and link bait.
  • Questions and Answers. Questions from class participants, and answers from Dr. Jason McDonald on search engine optimization and keywords.

Why Our Online SEO blogging class is Superior to a Face-to-face Class. Many students come to us looking for a face-to-face SEO class experience including on SEO-friendly blogging. For groups of three or more, we do provide that service – simply email us for a quote. However, for most people especially in big cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago or even New York City, an online training experience can be very competitive. Why? Consider what we are learning in our online SEO training on press releases: how to submit them ONLINE. So you’re at your computer, and the instructor (Jason McDonald) is at his. You can do this all very well over the Internet, and save on commuting time. Plus everything is video recorded. In sum, even if you are looking for a Houston SEO classes or the best SEO training in New York, NY, consider the online alternative. You’ll be glad you did.