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Generating great keywords is very important to search engine optimization. After all, you can’t optimize your SEO strategy if you do not know your keywords, nor have a robust keywords and key phrases list. The first class in our SEO training, therefore, explains 1) how to brainstorm your keywords for SEO, 2) how to use free tools to determine how your customers search, and 3) how to organize a “keyword worksheet” to guide your SEO strategy.

  • Basics. What is the structure of a Google search results page? What are organic results? What are PPC results? How is it that different keyword queries produce different results? What sorts of potential pitfalls are there in determining SEO-friendly keywords?
  • Keyword Families. How can you best determine your keywords? Strategies to identify keywords. Free tools to identify customer-centric keywords.
  • Tools Tour. Let’s use the free SEO keywords tools available on the Web for keyword discovery, plus “polling the audience” to determine which keywords are the most popular and which carry the highest vendor PPC bids.
  • Keywords Worksheet. How can you organize your keywords for maximum effect? What is a keyword family? What is a core keyword? What is a helper keyword?
  • Questions and Answers. Questions from class participants, and answers from Dr. Jason McDonald on search engine optimization and keywords.

Why Our Online SEO Keywords Class is Superior to a Face-to-face Class. Many students come to us looking for a face-to-face SEO class experience. For groups of three or more, we do provide that service – simply email us for a quote. However, for most people especially in big cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago or even New York City, an online training experience can be very competitive. Why? No commuting! Why? You can take our course at your own desk with great time efficiency. Why? You get the recordings of each and every online SEO class. Real-world SEO training in cities such as NYC have the face-to-face experience but many hassles. Your instructor, Jason McDonald, teaches live in the SF Bay Area but as an online instructor he works hard with student questions to enable a New York City resident or one in Los Angeles to experience the same quality instruction you would get in one of the best SEO classes in Los Angeles or New York City. All online!