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  • Stop Wasting Money. Learn the four most dangerous ‘gotchas’ in Google AdWords. Stupid mistakes that can be costing you money,lots of money! The AdWords MOOC (finally) makes it easy to identify common mistakes or ‘gotchas’ that can cost advertisers thousands of dollars.
  • Take Four Free Classes in One, Each Focused on a Specific AdWords Gotcha. Click on each class link below to watch the video and gain access to the free AdWords tutorial links.
    1. Keyword Match TypesGotcha No. 1: bad match types.
    2. The Display NetworkGotcha No. 2: running on bad display network placements.
    3. Enhanced CampaignsGotcha No. 3: running on mobile by mistake.
    4. AdWords vs. SEOGotcha No. 4: missing out on free SEO opportunities.
  • Bonus Session #5 – Free AdWords Coupons – use $100 AdWords Coupons or $75 AdWords Coupons and save money on your first campaign.
  • Get Free AdWords Tutorial (AdWords MOOC) Materials. Ready to learn best practices for AdWords? Our hands-on instructor links,worksheets, and ‘AdWords Toolbook‘ (comprehensive list of free AdWords tools and learning resources) make it easy to learn. Register below to gain access to the free AdWords tutorial materials for free!
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