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SEO Tutorials for Beginners – A List of the Best SEO Tutorials 2019

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can seem daunting to the beginners. Fortunately there are some good, free tutorials on the Web to get your started. Think of SEO as a step-by-step process; begin at the beginning, and that very first step can be reading one (or a few) of the better tutorials out there. Here’s our list of the best tutorials on search engine optimization, ranked with the best first. (Excerpted from the SEO Fitness Workbook).  Continue reading

SEO Conferences 2020 – List of the Best Shows on Search Engine Optimization for 2020

SEO Conference List - best conferences on search engine optimization‘What are the best conferences on SEO for 2020?,’ you ask. Well, the top conferences on search engine optimization are the ones that not only have the top experts (including a few from Google or Bing), but also have the funnest camaraderie as the technological cognoscenti get together to discuss the latest in link-building, the ins and out of on page optimization, and the new, new trends such as ‘mobile first’ and ‘AMP.’ Continue reading