How to Use Periscope: The New New Thing? Or Is it Snapchat?

Live Blog from Social Media Marketing World 2016. Kim Garst, of Boomsocial, is giving a in-depth presentation on how to use Periscope, the app owned by Twitter and allowing for “live streaming” on Twitter (and, of course, via Periscope).  As social media marketers, we have to start with some elements –

  • What is live video? Do we need it? What platform is best for live video?
  • What is Periscope and are our customers on it, using it? Can we leverage it for real marketing purposes?How to Use periscope
  • What about alternatives such as Facebook Live, Meerkat, Snapchat, Vine, or Video on Instagram?  (Meerkat is “pivoting,” so it’s probably out, right from the get-go).
  • How can we build a plan, and how can we measure results?


Periscope seems to be getting all the hype (these days), and it’s owned by Twitter, so it’s getting co-promotion from Twitter. Questions I have is how is it really different from other live video platforms, and what are the reasons that compel a person to want “live” video vs. pre-recorded video? And, if that is the question, how is it different from YouTube?

A really important yet obvious tip Ms. Garst mentions is to: HAVE A PLAN. Great, obvious but critical advice. Figure out if your customers are on Periscope, and if so, why, then create content ina  SYSTEMATIC way. You’ll need a production plan AND you’ll need a promotion plan AND you’ll need some metrics to determine if you really like it, and are getting ROI.


Some tips on production –

  • Use a tripod. This will stabilize your video, and give you better production
  • Use a mic. Better sound? Duh – super important on Periscope as on every other audio or video platform like podcasting or YouTube
  • Use a ring light
  • Use a chat light

Promotion – be sure to use a really SEO-friendly title to your ‘scope’ as videos are called on Periscope.  Kim has a Periscope 101 video, here.




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