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Top Ten Free Tools for Link Building

Less is more, especially in terms of SEO Tools these days. The Internet is literally full of tools, and link-building is no exception. Despite all the hype – despite Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird – the ‘oldie but goodie’ reality is that quality inbound links FROM another website TO your website continue to have a huge impact on your SEO performance. Continue reading

YouTube Marketing: Top Tools & ToDos for Small Business Marketers

Video can be intimidating, especially for anyone over the age of thirty. The “YouTube generation” has come of age, and if you’re not Jenna Marbles and don’t have 15,000,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel, well you feel like a) you’ve missed the boat, b) missing the boat is a metaphor only someone over the age of thirty would use, and c) YouTube is just a crazy hang out for teenagers and maybe it will just go away. Continue reading