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The Latest in Customer from Hell: Being ‘Outrageously Famous’ as a Prankster on YouTube #LocalBusiness

For any local business, there’s the problem of what I call the ‘customer from hell.’ This is the person, the unhappy camper, who hates your business so much, they trash you on Yelp, they write a nasty review on Google, or perhaps they create a YouTube video of how much they hate you and how you’re the worst thing to hit planet earth since ‘unsliced’ bread. Continue reading

How to Check Your Rank on Google Local (Google My Business / Google Places)

Local search is more important than ever. So is local SEO. People go to Google type in keywords like ‘plumber,’ ‘probate attorney,’ or ‘wedding shops,’ and the question is whether your business shows high on the search screen, in the top results on Google’s local listings – called the ‘snack pack.’ Continue reading

How to Write a Review on Google / Google+

Reviews on Google (Google+) are worth their weight in gold, no platinum, in terms of your local marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google – not surprisingly – favors its own reviews over those of competitors like Yelp, TripAdvisor, YP.com, etc. So, as a small business owner or marketer, it is very important to ask “happy customers” to write a review for you. I am not recommending that you fake reviews; however, you generally need to ask a happy client, to “do you a favor” and go online and write a review. Continue reading

Serious Humor: Marketing Cheat Sheet ~ May 1, 2015

Welcome to Serious Humor ~ May 1, 2015!

Serious Humor is our monthly round-up of the most important “serious” trends and articles in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords as well as “humor” that will make you laugh at the next office meeting. You know, the stuff you gotta gotta gotta know AND the stuff you want to share with your coworkers (when the boss isn’t looking). The stuff that will make you look like a Very Important Person at the next corporate meeting. And as for the fun stuff, we identify the funnest, coolest, most bizarre marketing-related humor stories on the Internet. The stuff that will make you be the “cool person” in the office, knowing what’s hip and happening on the Internet: the cool videos, the cool jokes, the funny crazy stuff that relates to Business. Got a suggestion? Send us an email.

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