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LocalU Review: Review of LocalU (Advanced), Some Notes and Random Thoughts

I’m back from beautiful Santa Monica, California, where there was the one-day intensive “Local U” Advanced. I like to fancy myself as “Advanced,” though so often I find it’s the basics that matter, especially (but not only) with Local SEO. Here are some random musings about what I learned at LocalU (in no particular order). Continue reading

The World’s Shortest Guide to an Easy SEO Audit and Getting the Party Started

OK, I admit it. “Let’s get this party started” is probably the most overused cliche of the pop dance industry. I like both Pink’s version, Get the Party Started and the Black Eyed Peas’, Let’s Get it Started; yeah, I’m a 50+ year old, boring white male but I love pop music and pop culture! Continue reading

JM Internet Announces New SEO Toolbook 2018, a Book on Small Business Tools for Search Engine Optimization

San Jose, California – February 25, 2018. The JM Internet Group (https://www.jm-seo.org/), a leader in online SEO training, is proud to announce the publication of the 2018 edition of the SEO Toolbook, a compilation of zero cost tools for search engine optimization for small business. The SEO Toolbook is a companion to the very popular SEO Fitness Workbook 2018, now available as well on Amazon.

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JM Internet Announces Revised AdWords Coupons List as part of 2018 AdWords Book Update

San Jose, California – December 24, 2017. The JM Internet Group (https://www.jm-seo.org/), a leader in online SEO training, is proud to announce an update to its popular list of AdWords Coupons for small business marketers. Many advertisers new to Google advertising are keen to find these coupons to lower the cost of testing out Google’s popular AdWords platform.

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JM Internet Announces Updated List of Best SEO Conferences Garners Featured Snippet Status

San Jose, California – December 21, 2017. The JM Internet Group (https://www.jm-seo.org/), a leader in books on SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords for small business owners and marketers, is proud to announce that its updated and popular list of the best conferences on Search Engine Optimization for 2018 has garnered “feature snippet” status for some key searches on Google. Google awards “feature snippet” status when its algorithm determines that a web page constitutes the best answer to a common question or query.

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