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How to Increase Engagement on LinkedIn: Using Hashtags and Interactive Content

People often ask, ‘How can I increase engagement on LinkedIn?’ LinkedIn is the world’s largest “professional” or B2B network, so for many who want to reach affluent professionals, the network is a must. But how? You can’t just spam people and posting pictures of puppies isn’t really within the “LinkedIn culture.” Let’s investigate! Continue reading

LinkedIn Video: How to Share a Video on LinkedIn in Five Easy Steps

LinkedIn added video to personal profiles about one year ago, and video on LinkedIn is really beginning to take off. We’ll assume you know what kind of video you want to share (hint: useful, non-salesy stuff works best, and of course, shorter is better than longer, and that your video is ready to go. Here’s how to share a video on LinkedIn in five easy steps, plus some key resources: Continue reading

LinkedIn Content Marketing Opportunities: Tips & Recommendations

Live blogging at Social Media World, 2016. “How to Create a Content Marketing Tactical Plan for LinkedIn” by Alexander Rynne and Jason Miller (staff members at LinkedIn) was the official title of this session. They kicked it off with a restatement of LinkedIn’s value proposition: all the world’s professionals in one place. Continue reading