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Instafamous: Tips and Tricks for Marketing on Instagram

There’s that old quip about it taking something like “ten years” to be an “overnight sensation,” and anyone who has ever either had fame or pondered fame quickly realizes it’s very true. It takes knowledge, skill, perseverance and of course timing and “luck” to be an “overnight sensation” on anything, including Instagram. Here are some tips, tricks, and ideas about using Instagram to be “Instafamous.” Continue reading

The World’s Shortest Guide to an Easy SEO Audit and Getting the Party Started

OK, I admit it. “Let’s get this party started” is probably the most overused cliche of the pop dance industry. I like both Pink’s version, Get the Party Started and the Black Eyed Peas’, Let’s Get it Started; yeah, I’m a 50+ year old, boring white male but I love pop music and pop culture! Continue reading

Zuckerberg’s Testimony: What Does Zuckerberg Mean by ‘You Own Your Data?’

Watching Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress was fun! Among the most confusing elements that went back and forth was this idea of did or does Facebook “sell” data. Congressmen and women asked him, repeatedly, about how Facebook “sold” data and how that data was stolen or at least misappropriated by Cambridge Analytica. Zuckerberg responded, rather disingenuously, that Facebook doesn’t “sell” data and that “you can download your Facebook data at any time, and you control it.”  To Zuck’s mind, it’s all well and good because you and I “own” our data… Continue reading

SEO and SMM Tips for Photographers: Key Tips for 2018

SEO and SMM for Photographers

Welcome to our inpromptu ZOOM meeting, “SEO and SMM Tips for Photographers.” Join host Leah Severson and Social Media Marketing guru, Jason McDonald, for a quick, fun, and informative session of tips for better Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing for Photographers. Free tools at Continue reading

What is Market Research? Free Tools for Marketing Research in the Digital Era

Marketing is an endeavor that requires “intelligence.” Like the military spies that penetrate behind enemy lines, or the code sleuths who decode enemy messages, or to be less militaristic, the meteorologists that use theories and facts to predict the weather, smart marketers need to do research on their products or services, the trends in the market, what prospective customers want or need, and even the competitive landscape. Fortunately, the Internet is awash in free tools for marketing research. Continue reading

The Latest in Customer from Hell: Being ‘Outrageously Famous’ as a Prankster on YouTube #LocalBusiness

For any local business, there’s the problem of what I call the ‘customer from hell.’ This is the person, the unhappy camper, who hates your business so much, they trash you on Yelp, they write a nasty review on Google, or perhaps they create a YouTube video of how much they hate you and how you’re the worst thing to hit planet earth since ‘unsliced’ bread. Continue reading

LinkedIn Video: How to Share a Video on LinkedIn in Five Easy Steps

LinkedIn added video to personal profiles about one year ago, and video on LinkedIn is really beginning to take off. We’ll assume you know what kind of video you want to share (hint: useful, non-salesy stuff works best, and of course, shorter is better than longer, and that your video is ready to go. Here’s how to share a video on LinkedIn in five easy steps, plus some key resources: Continue reading