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SERIOUS HUMOR: Digital Marketing Made Easy and Fun
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23 September 2019

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Reviews Go Bye Bye –

Bye, bye reviews as Google cracks down on review stars on Google search results. Review stars show up in search results for categories like recipes. Continue reading

Homage to Yogi Berra & Internet Marketing (SEO / Social Media)

There are people in the world who just shine, who radiate insight, humor. Who make you think. Who make you mediate. Whose wisdom and insight crosses their field to yours. Such, of course, is the great Yogi Berra. In homage, here are my mediations on some of his quotes and what they mean to me as a marketer. Continue reading

Party On: How to Think about Social Media Marketing

NOTE: This is a draft excerpt from my forthcoming Social Media Marketing Workbook. Please read it with that in mind, and send any comments to me via my Website http://jmlinks.com/1a.

Most books on social media marketing (or SMM for short) either focus on the high, high level of hype, hype, hype or focus on the low, low, low level of micro technical details. Continue reading