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JM Internet Group Announces Book on Google AdWords Tops 30 Reviews on Amazon

San Jose, California – June 17 2017. The JM Internet Group, a leader in social media marketing and SEO training online, is proud to announce that its book on AdWords, entitled the AdWords Workbook 2017, has now topped thirty reviews on Amazon. The book is a hands-on explanation on how to use Google AdWords for small business owners and marketers. Rather than an official guide, this unofficial guide to Google AdWords explains what to do, and importantly what not to do, to maximize the return on investment through using the popular search engine’s advertising features.

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Serious Humor: Marketing Cheat Sheet ~ September, 2015

Welcome to Serious Humor ~ September, 2015!

Serious Humor is our monthly round-up of the most important “serious” trends and articles in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords as well as “humor” that will make you laugh at the next office meeting. Got a suggestion? Send us an email (https://jm-seo.org/contact/).

Contents: Google becomes Alphabet | Google Local Goes from 7 to 3 | SEO Your Tweets | New Books on Social Media & SEO

Available at https://jm-seo.org/?p=2594.

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