JM Internet Announces Revision to List of SEO Books 2018

San Jose, California – November 15, 2017. The JM Internet Group (, a leader in online SEO training, is proud to announce a major revision to its list of SEO Books in time for 2018. The newly revised format is friendly not only for Google’s featured snippet structure but also for human readers.

SEO Books

“We have a lot of fun with our lists of the best books, including a very popular list of the best books on search engine optimization,” explained Jason McDonald, Director of the JM Internet Group. “Consequently for 2018, we revised the book list to be more Google-friendly in the hope of attracting status as a so-called ‘featured snippet,’ and we made it more human-friendly by providing easy summaries of each book on the list.”

To view the list of SEO Books for  2018 visit It should be noted that the list is produced as part of the forthcoming 2018 edition of the company’s own SEO Fitness Workbook which can be viewed at Interested persons can view excerpts from the book, see the table of contents, and learn how and why the SEO book has garnered so many positive reviews on Amazon. It should be noted that the book includes a zero copy PDF plus access to the SEO dashboard and SEO toolbook, which provide hundreds of complementary tools online for today’s digital marketer. Finally, one of the unusual features of the Workbook is its openness to identifying other resources such as SEO tutorials ( and other books on the topic.


The SEO Fitness Workbook is a consistent bestseller on Amazon in the category of digital marketing, and for good reason. First, it grows out of Jason McDonald’s popular courses at Stanford Continuing Studies, including his “Marketing without Money” taught on campus and his new online training courses in SEO. Second, the book has over five hundred reviews on Amazon, far more than the nearest competitor and many of which are five star. Third, the book includes a companion SEO Toolbook free of zero cost tools, worksheets for small business owners and marketers, and – new for 2018 – quizzes and action item lists. In this way, the book is a practical “how to” manual of digital advertising, used by many business owners to climb to the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

As indicated, one of the innovative features of the book is its publicity of competitive books and tutorials. While many authors are afraid to point their readers towards more resources, the SEO Fitness Workbook is unique in that it includes “jump links” to numerous resources on the Web, including books and tutorials. For these reasons, it is no wonder that the book has garnered its status as the most popular book on Amazon in the category as measured by reviews.



The JM Internet Group provides SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google AdWords training and courses for busy marketers and businesspeople. Online search engine optimization training helps explain keywords, page tags, link building strategies and other techniques needed to climb to the top of search engine rankings for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The teaching methodology is hands on, with live examples and discussions, taught from the convenience of each student’s computer. It should be noted that the company maintains important book lists such as its list of the best SEO books at and the best social media marketing books at

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