LinkedIn Video: How to Share a Video on LinkedIn in Five Easy Steps

LinkedIn added video to personal profiles about one year ago, and video on LinkedIn is really beginning to take off. We’ll assume you know what kind of video you want to share (hint: useful, non-salesy stuff works best, and of course, shorter is better than longer, and that your video is ready to go. Here’s how to share a video on LinkedIn in five easy steps, plus some key resources:


LinkedIn Video: How to Share a Video on LinkedIn in Five Easy Step

First, record your video in MP4 format, and edit it. Have your video ready to go, preferably on your desktop computer, though you can also shoot, record, and upload a video directly from the LinkedIn App.

Second, log in to LinkedIn, and click on the “Video” link under “Share an article, photo, video, or idea.” Select your video from your computer (or follow the instructions in the app. LinkedIn does not (yet) support live-streaming. Upload your video. Note: this may take some time to both upload and process; LinkedIn is a lot slower than YouTube!

Third, write a short caption. Do not include outbound links as there is talk that outbound links hurt you in the LinkedIn algorithm. Mention that the link to more information or more resources is in the comments.

Fourth, once the video is live, circle back and post a link to more resources as the first comment. Use a URL shortener like Bitly ( to shorten the link.

Fifth, promote your video. Nab the direct URL to your video, as these go “invisible” after thirty days (Click on the three dots, at the top right of the post in LinkedIn). Share it (of course) on LinkedIn, including having key employees or even your company Page share it. You can embed it into a Pulse post, or elsewhere on the Web. Consider having the Company Page “advertise” your video by first sharing it, and then paying to promote it. Cross-post it (natively) to YouTube, and/or Facebook. The more your video gets viewed, the stronger it will be in the LinkedIn algorithm!

And, finally, here are some additional resources:

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